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Design hints for worktops

Design hints for worktops

The worktop with the best “look” for you? Here is a brief guide to help you!

When you are choosing your worktop, once you’ve dealt with the practical side (meaning budget and intended use) you can focus on appearance.
The worktop plays an important part in deciding the kitchen’s style.
Contrasting combinations and innovative materials are just some of the options on offer today.

Modern looks

Evergreens like wood and stone, laminates, Corian, resins, gloss or matt finishes, total black or white, a thousand bright colour shades ... lots of variants with unusual hues, ornamentation, down to materials incorporating glittering mineral fragments: as you can well imagine, today there are lots of possibilities for your kitchen's finishes and it can sometimes be really difficult to choose.

And then the thickness: ultra slim or much thicker?

Another factor ... the appliances! The number of options for inset installation in the worktop are increasing all the time, with more and more customisation, including flush, semi-flush or under-mounting.

They are all factors to be borne in mind for a result that reflects the latest trends in kitchen design!

Find your own style

A fun way of deciding which worktop to choose? Think of your own style, the colours you wear or that you find attractive. Here are some examples:

à la page: if you’re fashion-conscious, you’ll need a worktop with a strong stylistic impact. Go for unusual colours or daring contrasts, such as black and red, or materials like resin. A material or colour can be an original way of brightening up the working area;

state-of-the-art: you prefer monochrome shades but want to give yourself free rein with accessories? Rather than risking surprising combinations, you put your trust in a “safe” style! Your ideal worktop is in steel: compact and easily adaptable to different styles, it can transform a kitchen into something that’s unique every time;

'balanced': if you like a classical look but still want a touch of modernity, your style is contemporary. Quarz will be perfect for you: it will provide a classical effect but with a completely new versatility of colour.

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Design hints for worktops