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Elevating a load-bearing pillar

Elevating a load-bearing pillar

3 ideas on how to disguise a load-bearing pillar

Who said a pillar should only hold up the roof? In our opinion, it can do much more! Every structural element, although it may appear “too much”, can be incorporated into the furnishings, becoming a focus point of the interior design. But how do you accentuate a load-bearing pillar if, for instance, it is right in the middle of the living room? In this article, we suggest 3 ideas to emphasise a pillar.

1. Decorative coatings

One of the most efficient solutions to embellish a load-bearing pillar is to resort to claddings, the choice of which depends essentially on the overall style of the surrounding setting and on your personal preference. Wood, natural stone, exposed bricks, decorative tiles or even wallpaper are some of the options you can choose from.

If you’re a very creative person, you can elaborate the load-bearing pillar further by adding elements such as shelves or lighting garlands, which will help make it more attractive, drawing the eye of any passers-by.

2. Functional integration

pillar in the middle of the room certainly poses a challenge from an aesthetic perspective, but we all know that if you can’t beat them, then join them so find a workaround: one good idea to disguise a visible pillar in the living room is to transform it into an item of interior décor, making it 100% functional. An example? If you have enough space, you could build a bookcase or shelving around the pillar, adding shelves or recessing alcoves to arrange your book collection.

3. Natural elements

What if you were to let a little nature into your home? If you have green fingers, then you could convert the pillar into a vertical garden, hanging trailing plants from the ceiling or carving out surfaces to place feather-like ferns or colourful orchids, creating a warm and welcoming corner.

Hungry for more ideas on how to elevate a pillar? Let our dealers advise you!
Elevating a load-bearing pillar