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Furniture with glass for your living room

Furniture with glass for your living room

Glass furniture and accessories have an evergreen design while offering modern functionality

The living room is the heart of the home, a place to get together as a family or with friends, to enjoy memorable moments together. That’s why living room furniture should be planned down to the smallest detail to create a welcoming and eye-catching setting. Are you looking for inspiration? One of the most charming and timeless trends is to arrange furniture with glass doors, capable of adding style and elegance to the lounge, and more too: read on!

More light inside

Using glass in indoor furniture offers a significant advantage: it reflects and diffuses light throughout the entire space, making it look bigger. This proves particularly useful if you need to furnish a small living room or one with limited natural lighting. Must-have furniture includes: cupboards, wall units with aluminium framed glass doors, coffee tables with a glass table top, closed bookcases, glass wall systems, base units with glass top or doors. If you opt for glass fronted units, you could also consider adding interior lights to create an even cosier atmosphere.

Organizing and displaying

Do you enjoy collecting your memories in the form of souvenirs, books or photographs? Furniture with glass doors offers you the chance to display decorative ornaments and personal collections in a discrete yet clearly visible way. To avoid worrying about dust or dirt piling up, our advice is to choose glass fronted units with doors which can enhance the value of your mementoes while protecting them against the passing of time.

Types of glass

Your personal style and the aesthetics of your living room both have an impact on your choice of glass furniture. Another prized feature of glass is that it is such a versatile material which goes well with a great variety of furnishing styles: if your living room has a minimal design, then opt for furniture with simple silhouettes and transparent glass, coloured glass or other types of glass doors, such as smoked glass; if on the other hand you prefer a more classic style, then look for pieces with decorated glass doors or which have been embellished with sophisticated details, like delightful handles.

Maintenance and care

If on the one hand cabinets with glass doors prove attractive and functional, on the other they require more attention in terms of maintenance. Indeed, glass is more susceptible to fingerprints and dust than other materials, so you need to be prepared to clean every surface on a regular basis, preferring lint-free cloths to keep your furniture gleaming and stain-free.

The way it reflects light, the layout of the items displayed and the stylistic versatility make furniture with glass doors an excellent choice for those in pursuit of elegance and practicality: see the solutions available up close at one of our dealers.

Colours and materials
Furniture with glass for your living room