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Give your kitchen a makeover with “Character” (Carattere)

Give your kitchen a makeover with “Character” (Carattere)

The unmistakable look of the Vuesse Design kitchen is enriched with additional variables able to satisfy a wide range of tastes, from classic to modern.

With the Carattere kitchen you can customise spaces, elements and finishes, to recreate the style that best represents you. Framed doors, with or without handles, innovative details and accessories for aesthetics and functionality enrich this kitchen concept with compositional possibilities that will make all your dreams come true.


Modern character

The more contemporary guise of Carattere is expressed in the new range of glossy and matt lacquered finishes, which enhance its appeal. Unique solutions are added to the contemporary finishes, such as the Orizzonte Up magnetic wall panel in stratified laminate, created for a specific range of laminates and fitted with an internal metal slab that makes it possible to use the new collection of Magneto accessories, which are excellent allies in the kitchen.

A contemporary classic

In a kitchen with a traditional layout, such as Carattere, there is no shortage of interesting technical innovations such as the linear burners built into the top and the Opus equipped wall panel in painted metal in Desert and Silver Dark colours.
The balance of classic proportions and clean-cut shapes, which form the very DNA of the model, also find an ally in the cornice that features silhouettes that also appeal to those with a more contemporary taste.

Furthermore, thanks to the improved range of handles, it is possible to personalise the Carattere kitchen with these additional styling details and create your own unique style.

This is the beauty of the Carattere kitchen: customise it according to your needs!

Elegant and trendy

A kitchen with an unmistakable elegance that is characterised by the great chromatic harmony of all the elements combined with extreme functionality. The steel, marble and veneered tops all go well together to provide movement and define the different work spaces. While the cupboard with “Switch” retractable doors offers new storage spaces, for a truly super-equipped kitchen.

The warmth and charm of a traditional style country home is invoked with the introduction of the Ash veneered door in four new shades (Gessato Cashmere, Gessato Nuvola, Gessato Capri and Gessato Iris) and wall units with leaded glass and English-style frames, also available for countertop display cases, another touch with a purely retro flavour.

Design & Style
Give your kitchen a makeover with “Character” (Carattere)