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Glass fronted units for a modern living room

Glass fronted units for a modern living room

Looking for units for a modern living room: here’s how to furnish it with beautiful and functional glass fronted units

A symbol of timeless design, glass fronted units are making a comeback in the modern living room, stylishly and tastefully fitting in with the furnishing accessories. Do you prefer a wall system or an individual glass fronted unit? Let our tips inspire you to choose the best solution for your living room!

A large glass fronted unit

We all know that in a setting dedicated to physical and mental rest, such as a modern living room, organisation is essential for quickly finding every useful object and fully enjoying relaxation. Besides giving the room an even more homely atmosphere, the glass fronted unit can also be used as a cupboard for containing tableware, such as plates and glasses, or for keeping the old family album that in nostalgic moments you love flicking through when cosying up on the sofa.


If you also need to furnish an empty wall in the living room, we can recommend the Carattere living room Fluida Wall system in Nuance Larch decorative melamine, with its minimalist design, double sequence of wall units and internal lights, features that allow you to keep everything in view and, at the same time, enhance the modern style of the living room with a single element.

A sophisticated unit

A contemporary living room must have a black and white glass fronted unit with simple but stylish contours: our proposal is the Black Status Wall System of the Formalia model, which stands out for its Prestige White lacquered wall unit and top and wall unit with aluminium framed door and smoked glass.


This is a space-saving solution that, as you can see, is flourishing with style: we are sure you already know what to put inside it, equipping it with a typically minimalist yet functional feel.

Glass fronted wall units

Shelves, racks: there never seems to be enough storage elements for books, collections, grandma’s silverware. Combining a wall system with glass fronted wall units can be the perfect solution to make the most of the spaces and customise the composition.


The Evolution living room demonstrates this by combining wall units with Anthracite finish Screen glass and aluminium framed door: do you like them? The processing of the glass is extremely suggestive, revealing a glimpse of the contents to the most curious of people. As you can imagine: it’s impossible for the stylish features of the glass fronted units not to capture the attention of your guests!

Glass fronted units for a modern living room