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How to bring Lagom into your home

How to bring Lagom into your home

Introducing the latest new furniture trend: did you know that Lagom style is actually a genuine lifestyle philosophy?

When a furnishing style is first and foremost a lifestyle: the Swedish term “Lagom” can be loosely interpreted as “moderately”, “just enough”, as it identifies a lifestyle philosophy that focuses on simplicity, harmony and sustainability. This philosophy applies to various fields, including the home: indeed, isn’t the home a reflection of our soul? Let’s find out together how to embrace the Lagom style with our interiors!

Lagom style living

What do you care about the most? We know that the temptation of hoarding can be a strong one, but if you want to transform your home according to the Swedish secret whereby moderation is the key to happiness, the first step to take is to conduct a little decluttering. Getting rid of all excess, leaving room for essential furniture, in fact paves the way towards relaxation, supported by functional furniture placed in strategic points.


Another fundamental principle of Lagom style is in fact the particular arrangement of furniture, laid out specifically to achieve harmony: shelving, bookcases, work areas are all welcome.

Lagom colours and materials

What about the colours? The principle of not overdoing the interiors also involves the choice of colour palette: avoid mixing shades that are too different and bright, preferring instead neutral hues, like white, cream and grey. 


As regards the materials, our suggestion is to opt for anything that brings to mind nature: what do you think of wood effect? The result is an ambiance where you feel calm and in a good mood, which carries your mind to romantic countryside settings. Certainly, other natural materials such as glass or stone are also popular.


What about the fabrics? The must-have essentials for Lagom style furniture include cotton and linen curtains, strictly picked in pale colours, to allow all the light to flood into your home.

Focus on the environment

Which daily sustainable habits have you got? People who choose a “Lagom” lifestyle care deeply about the planet and implement a series of habits to reduce the impact their home has on the environment.


What does this green approach entail? When it comes to decorations, there is essentially one rule to follow: less space for ornaments and more for feel-good house plants!

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How to bring Lagom into your home