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How to furnish an en-suite bathroom

How to furnish an en-suite bathroom

Follow our tips to create an en-suite bathroom worthy of any film

How many times have you had to wait outside the bathroom for your partner or your kids? If you plan a second en-suite bathroom you’ll be able to say goodbye to infuriating morning queues, turning your room into an oasis with every comfort. But what’s the right way to furnish it? In this article, we’ll reveal a few secrets to help you create your dream en-suite bathroom that’s both practical and welcoming.

The layout

The layout of your en-suite bathroom is crucial to create an attractive and functional setting: the ideal thing is to start by considering the existing plumbing installations to maximise efficiency and minimise refurbishment costs. If you have enough room, you could even opt for a “wet room” composition, which separates the shower and/or bathtub from the washbasin and toilet: this will allow (obviously, if you so wish) several people to use the bathroom at the same time, including your other half.

Colours and styles that match the bedroom

Since the bathroom is often only separated from the bedroom by a wall, which is long enough to shield the bed and bedside tables, choosing the right colours and a consistent style is key to creating a harmonious link between the two rooms. An example?


If your bedroom is furnished with an industrial mood, you could opt for an en-suite bathroom with glass wall units and shelves, and a monobloc washbasin cabinet, such as the one shaped like a cupboard and in painted metal from the Misfit line. If on the other hand you prefer a more classic style, you can play with the elegant modules of Baltimora model: frame doors, capitals, decorations and friezes enhance the charm of your private bathroom, making you feel pampered.

Details that make a difference

The time has come to make your en-suite bathroom truly unique and personal: any other must-have essentials? Add a luxurious touch with soft towels and comfortable bathrooms worthy of a spa, and set aside a corner to display or organise your favourite cosmetics and toiletries, such as scented bath oils and moisturisers.

Last but by no means least, have you already considered installing a generously-sized bathtub to have a long, relaxing soak? Alternatively, for a more convenient and practical solution, you could opt for a shower with adjustable jets: it will turn your bathroom into a veritable home spa.

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How to furnish an en-suite bathroom