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How to make a room appear bigger

How to make a room appear bigger

Tricks and tips to become conjurers of style and make rooms appear more airy and beautiful to enjoy.

Style is not a question of space.
Declutter, clean up and reorganise: the way to have a tidy home, the least expensive and most efficient of all, to start creating a bigger and brighter setting. Tidy away that pile of clothes sitting on a chair, unused objects within the wall units and larder units, remove all trace of chaos and throw away items you no longer use. Try it and see what happens: don’t the rooms look bigger?

When our home is compact and bijoux and we need to make a room bigger, more functional and well-organised, there are some ideas we can focus on.

Let’s discover what they are together.



Light plays a vital role in achieving quality and atmosphere in a room.

Our advice is to avoid central lighting and instead use several lights (wall lamps, floor lamps, adjustable spotlights): one trick that adds rhythm and movement to the setting, and also makes it more airy and welcoming.

There is also the use of the mirror, a precious ally which reflects light, a genuine must-have for those in search of furnishings that enhance the value of a room. Whether it is rectangular or round, with a modern or a classic frame, wall-mounted or resting on the floor: its presence is vital, in all its shapes! 

Slashes of colour

The summer season is the perfect time to freshen up your home. What advice should you follow?

The pale and bright shades of white, cream, beige, light grey and cool pastel hues are the most recommended choice to paint the walls of a small room and make the surfaces appear bigger and brighter.

So should you always opt for neutral tones?

Yes but sometimes the addition of a brighter hue is necessary: if the room is long and narrow, yellow or orange walls with the help of a mirror can make the home brighter.

Furnishing elements

Curtains and rugs define various areas of the home and contribute towards making the setting appear bigger.

Rugs multiply the available surface area and depending on the intended room it is a good idea to opt for a specific colour, hair length and shape. The right models are those which are in matching shades with the floor, but as we all know, with some exceptions! For instance, for a long, dark corridor, you could opt for a brightly coloured rectangular rug with linear patterns.

Whereas to exploit the natural light from the windows, curtains in soft and light fabrics such as linen and cotton, and in pale colours as close as possible to the shade of the wall, contribute towards giving the surfaces continuity.

Furnishing advice
How to make a room appear bigger