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Industrial lighting: light at home with a vintage look

Industrial lighting: light at home with a vintage look

The brightness of furniture is enhanced with lamps, spotlights and LEDs borrowed from the industrial world. Creativity and tradition come together in furniture with timeless charm.

When the first Italian industrial firms were established, buildings were packed with new objects used by workers specialised in their manufacturing art. These days, industrial look kitchens can be decorated with lamps, spotlights and LEDs which replicate the shapes and materials used in the industrial world. A trend that allows creativity to be stimulated in unprecedented ways. Lighting takes on a retro taste which makes living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen furniture industrial and unique. Let’s find out how to light modern settings in perfect industrial style.

LIGHT ON: soft lighting

When designing the interiors of an urban apartment or loft, light plays a vital role. This is true above all if the furniture includes or prefers industrial style, where matt materials alternate with dark colours. Choosing an industrial design lamp in industrial chic style kitchens must under all circumstances take furniture into account. In the case of ceiling lamps, which are extremely popular in this style, the room will tell a different story depending on the position of the light points.
If, for instance, creativity in the kitchen is part of your daily routine, placing a metal lamp above the island worktop will increase your concentration.

This also applies to the study or work corner, where the table becomes even more efficient with an industrial lamp that shines the light down, to be installed at just the right height. The splendour of the Foodshelf desk-cabinet with grey and white finishes is accentuated with a pair of latest-generation industrial chic lamps: a detail that will not disturb any family members watching TV in the living room!

A minimalist and delicate industrially-inspired atmosphere conveys well-being and finishes all the bathroom furniture of the Diesel Open Workshop model with Soft Beige coloured doors. In the bathroom area, the prestige of the wall with Camp Army Blue tiles is accentuated by the double-element lamp placed in the washbasin area, which recalls the bronze finish of the Lunar Stock mirror and of the composition elements. Because gleam and gloss doesn’t only involve pale colours!

LIGHT ON: intense light

Industrial vintage spotlights light up domestic settings in an original way, also adding creativity to more minimal compositions. The distinguishing feature of the spotlights is that they can be recessed into the false ceiling, or installed to remain visible for a genuine industrial style. The glow they cast is intense, which is why they should be designed and directed precisely. Just as in paintings on display in an exhibition, furniture will take on splendour and importance!

In the kitchen, spotlights are usually installed in the ceiling, so as not to cause glare during meal preparation. The Liberamente model with decorative melamine doors and steel finish aluminium details blends in with this type of lighting, in a brilliant, well-balanced project. In the bathroom, the glow of one or more spotlights can accompany the washing area, making it extremely functional and clear. The Gym Space model allows you to install the lighting system above the mirror, using the Gymnastics Wall Bars for support. A versatile solution that’s easy to amend when necessary.

LIGHT ON: light only where it’s needed

The most popular lighting system borrowed from the industrial world is definitely the LED, both in the slim version to be installed under wall units and shelves or inside precious glass fronted units, as well as small light points. The Urban Minimal kitchen offers the installation of LED lights dedicated to the chopping area. Here, each light point emphasises an area of the worktop. Thanks to the transparent glass shelves, this lighting system enhances the objects above and under the support, in a continuous dialogue. With total white furniture, the light points prove extremely radiant and affect the entire cooking area. In the living room, the Carattere model highlights the industrial look LED under the shelf. The intense colour of the wall panel and the matt composition in shades of brown make the entire structure warm and delicate. The soft light directed on the living room wall unit not only provides brightness, but also a pleasant atmosphere. In a creation devised to accommodate your prized possessions.

Is the style of your habitat industrial? Find out how to make it bright with Scavolini furniture!

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Industrial lighting: light at home with a vintage look