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Industrial style bathroom

Industrial style bathroom

How to furnish your very own industrial style bathroom

Industrial interior design has become increasingly popular in recent years and this is no surprise. These bold and eclectic vibes are the perfect fit for so many settings, including the bathroom: if you want a modern industrial style bathroom, perfectly finished in every detail, find out how to create it in a few simple steps.

Before we begin with a few furniture suggestions, you need to understand what distinguishes a metropolitan or industrial style: did you know it gets its name because it is inspired by industrial settings, such as factories and urban lofts? Hence also the notable use of unrefined and robust materials, such as metal, as well as a neutral colour palette. It is no accident that the walls of an industrial style bathroom are often left bare, simply exposed brick, whereas the floor is often tiled with concrete effect materials.

Industrial style bathroom furniture

Let’s get down to the star of the bathroom: the furniture. What do you think of borrowing the shape of a trolley or cupboard for the washbasin vanity unit? The free-standing elements of the Misfits model are genuine design gems: the special metal structure with or without glass doors, available in a variety of effects and colours, draws attention, while at the same time providing the utmost discretion for your personal belongings stored inside the cabinet, its drawers, or arranged on the shelves.

What about storing towels, shower gel and shampoo? For the perfect industrial style bathroom, why not opt for open shelving or wall-mounted cabinets: isn’t this Diesel Open Workshop model composition a beauty? The elegant colours selected for the surfaces come together with the metal parts of the storage structure, which are also used for the exclusive wall-mounted towel rail. 

Industrial décor

Have you got an en-suite in your bedroom? Use the Total Screen with tubular wire mesh to separate the two rooms and at the same time refer to the industrial ambiance picked for your slumber quarters.

To complete the look of your industrial style bathroom, you could add a few little decorative details: an example? Hang storage mirrors for extra storage space, light the room with suspension lamps and place a few pot plants in tin vases for some greenery. In general, remember to keep the setting clean and tidy, avoiding a decorative overload.

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Industrial style bathroom