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Inspiration for visible kitchens

Inspiration for visible kitchens

The kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food, but it is also a place to get together. Here are some furnishing designs that express this sociable feature that’s open to the living room.

“Today, the kitchen, together with the living room, is increasingly dedicated to communicating and sharing.”
Vittore Niolu, designer of the Motus project, uses these words to introduce the concept of a contemporary kitchen, to enjoy and to show off to the full. The boundary with the area “historically” dedicated to receiving guests and to relaxation has been broken down. A new way to enjoy the home has been generated and, alongside this, a new way for people to mingle: the person cooking is no longer relegated to a room; studying or working or simply relaxing no longer entails the need for a room in itself.


Contemporary Elegance

The visible kitchen is the result of this new fluidity of spaces, allowing for new functions and a way to enjoy the setting that is more consistent with the lifestyle of the contemporary family. And the design of the furniture mirrors the new identity of the location we work and live in. One example can be seen in this sophisticated version of Motus, with wall units and the triple order of storage space for the handle-free, which afford significant elegance and clean-cut shapes.

Visible kitchens: the Essential elements

Colours, materials and designs: these are the three essential elements that contribute towards integrating the kitchen and living room, to create a large open and airy space. Playing the starring role of this furnishing proposal is Foodshelf, where the kitchen constitutes the heart of the home and develops across the home. Calm colour combinations, light wood and lacquered finishes create a uniform design that develops along horizontal lines and gives the setting a youthful and at the same time refined vibe. Testifying to a sophisticated taste and the desire for a home that’s packed with personality.

Do you also love the idea of an open-plan home where the various rooms are interlinked? Browse through all our proposals and kitchen compositions for new furnishing inspiration!


Inspiration for visible kitchens