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Kitchen light fixtures

Kitchen light fixtures

Kitchen light fixtures: functional and decorative light points

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where you pursue your culinary passions, make tasty dishes to the rhythm of music, share meals and chat with loved ones. This is why kitchen light fixtures are central when designing a functional workspace and creating a cosy and comfortable setting. Are you ready to find out which are the most strategic points to install them? Let’s explore the world of lighting for the most lived-in room in the home!

The dining table

Whether it is made of solid wood or glass, whether it is oval or square, the dining table is the central element in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that it has to be properly lit: choose a suspended light fixture to be installed at least 60 cm above the centre of the table, so as to illuminate the area without dazzling anyone sitting.


Suspended kitchen light fixtures can be combined with any style, from modern to classic, from rustic to industrial: just adapt them to your individuality, mixing shapes, colours and materials. Our advice? Lamps made of steel, with coloured cable, in geometric or eccentric shapes look best in a contemporary kitchen, while lamps in ceramic, wood or wrought iron fit perfectly in romantic and retro settings.

Regardless of the choice of light fixture, remember to replace the old halogen light bulbs with the latest LED lamps, which not only light up the whole room and offer different light colours, but also guarantee significant energy savings.


Obviously, these minor rules should also be applied to the counter or snack top.

The work space

Whether you need to read a recipe or check on what’s cooking, the worktop and cooking area should be lit to make these daily tasks easier. Ideally, you should install classic or adjustable spotlights, LED bars with cold lights on midway units and over the hob, to help you concentrate more.

The atmosphere also matters

As well as being functional, light fixtures are also a stylish detail. But if you wanted to illuminate and accentuate other areas of the kitchen, what would be the best solution? Our tip is to install light fixtures directly on the walls for a soft, subtle lighting effect: so a wall light would be absolutely perfect.


Don’t forget to put scented candles or lamps on wall units or as a centrepiece to warm the room even more!

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Kitchen light fixtures