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Kitchen tables: the latest trends

Kitchen tables: the latest trends

The latest trends in the Kitchen

The dining table is a very important element in a kitchen.

Let’s together discover the latest trends in dining tables now more and more oriented towards modularity, integration and design.

Integrated table within a linear Kitchen

Among the major trends is a dining table integrated in a linear kitchen, creating a continuous style that is harmonious and refined. The picture shows how the contrast of colours, combined with surfaces at different heights, gives the kitchen a feeling of being "free" and open towards the rest of the house.

The result is a spacious and breezy ambiance, where beyond eating and preparing meals, you can carve moments of relaxation and happiness.

Integrated dining table within a kitchen and living room

Another novel combination capable of articulating the space and giving it a strong personality is shown in the photo.
Worktops fitted with a hob and sink form a harmonious and delicate continuum, featuring an integrated table that wraps around the kitchen and living room.
This composition with its linear development manages to create a space of exceptional enjoyment: on the one hand a functional dining table, on the other a piece of furniture and design that enhances the living room.
Kitchen tables: the latest trends