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Living room colours inspired by chromotherapy

Living room colours inspired by chromotherapy

Chromotherapy docet: here’s how to furnish your living room according to colour psychology

Are you fed up with your usual routine and want a little positive energy in your life? It could be the perfect time for you to explore chromotherapy. Whether you believe it or not, colours can affect your mood and your well-being in general: why not make the most of these benefits in your furniture too? Let’s find out how to apply chromotherapy at home, by identifying the colours for a therapeutic living room!

What is chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy, attributes curative properties to colours. This discipline is rooted in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Indian civilizations, and currently continues to prove popular as an alternative, despite scepticism from the scientific community. One thing is for certain: research proves that our brain perceives colours differently, associating each one with a specific emotion and therefore a state of mind. Wouldn’t we be right in stating that when you’re feeling sad you tend to dress in dark colours and instead opt for a colourful outfit when you’re in a good mood?


Now we’ve covered the basic concepts, let’s focus on living room furniture. Imagine your sitting room as a blank canvas ready to be painted on: what colours would you choose?

Colours for the living room


notoriously associated with peace and calm, blue is ideal for reducing stress, encouraging relaxation and improving the quality of sleep. For the room where rest is one of the priorities, chromotherapy therefore suggests blue, better still a pastel shade like sky blue, for the walls or accessories: that sofa’s just waiting for you to drop off to the land of nod!


the colour of the sun and of joy, you can spice up the mood in your living room, disseminating a sense of warmth and positive energy. Did you know that yellow is also associated with the brain? Together with orange, it will keep you alert and on your toes!


what better colour to soothe anxiety? Immediately bringing to mind nature and a symbol of balance and harmony, it is a great fit in the living room, where you spend your evenings watching TV series, shedding all the stress built up during the day even just for a moment.


if your living room is not only dedicated to relaxation, but sociability too, make sure you include some red furniture or accessories, as they will make the setting warmer, brighter and more welcoming.

Which chromotherapy-inspired colour will you use for your living room?

Colours and materials
Living room colours inspired by chromotherapy