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Make-up (and skin care) corner in your bathroom

Make-up (and skin care) corner in your bathroom

A dream bathroom has a beauty station

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that looks as if it has come straight out of a beauty salon, where every detail is designed to pamper and simplify the lives of those who love skincare products and make-up: does it make you feel empowered? This article features a few ideas on how to furnish a bathroom worthy of a beauty addict: find out how to create a make-up corner in your bathroom and enjoy your beauty rituals in the utmost comfort!

Bathroom lighting: a mix of elegance and convenience

To apply make-up flawlessly, you need the bathroom to be well-lit, right? The first element that should define the beauty corner is therefore the light: natural light if there is a large window, lots of wall lamps and a large ceiling light if there are no windows.


An essential accessory for a good view while applying eyeliner is most certainly the bathroom mirror: round or rectangular, either backlit or with lights around it, and with enough storage space for everything from night cream to perfumes.

Beauty corner: the heart of the bathroom

What make-up artist’s bathroom would be without a make-up station? We have thought of it all: a large worktop to hold all the tools of the trade, and even a colourful seat where you can make yourself comfortable and let the magic begin.

Are you a perfectionist? You will be well aware that the best friend of a straight eyeliner line is also the “Hollywood” mirror, whether it is magnifying or with LED lights, wall-mounted or free-standing.

And speaking of make-up, where can you put it all? We recommend transparent organisers, so that you can spot what you need instantly and always have it close at hand.

Other essential accessories for your make-up corner

Besides having a large washbasin, which is extremely handy for rinsing your face after removing your make-up, there are other bathroom accessories that you just can’t do without:


  • drawer partitions: use the compartments in your washbasin unit to neatly arrange creams, serums, masks and other products, sorting them by application area and expiry date;
  • brush containers: keep the brushes you need in coloured pots, and clean brushes in hard, closed cases to protect them from dust;
  • jewellery containers and trays: while you are applying your skincare products or make-up, put your rings, earrings and necklaces in them so that they don’t get lost or damaged. Complete your look with a liberal spray of your favourite perfume.
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Make-up (and skin care) corner in your bathroom