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Matching living room and kitchen

Matching living room and kitchen

Choosing your kitchen and living room furniture together, to make targeted combinations and create settings joined by harmonious proportions and styles.

In today’s homes, the kitchen and living room are rooms which often communicate with one another and mirror the habits and tasks of everyday life. When they are devised as part of the same project, the living room furniture perfectly matches the kitchen furniture in terms of shapes, materials and colours. This way, the furniture features a unitary aspect, where even the most functional solutions take on more sophisticated connotations.

Matching elements of style

This DeLinea furniture offering is an example of how a modern room can be put together using an island solution that incorporates the cooking functions, shelves and also a large cabinet whose brass finishes are the leitmotiv of the entire composition. While the Pure White decorative melamine and Statuario Laminate are perfectly coordinated with the elements in the “Fluida” Wall System which makes up a high-impact study area-living room

Separate, but not too much

Living all together in a common space, albeit doing different things, is fun, but sometimes it could lead to mess, noise, smells or contrasting activities.

In the case of communicating kitchen and living areas (but not too much!), continuous bookcases matching the other items of furniture in terms of finishes and materials provide the perception of a large joined space, but at the same time they act as a genuine division.

A large open space

The integration of two spaces dedicated to preparing food and to relaxing can lead to an open and airy space. In this Foodshelf furnishing solution where the kitchen and living room become more “seamless” and multi-functional, even colours, materials and designs lend the setting stylistic uniformity.

Gentle colour combinations, light wood and lacquered finishes develop along a horizontal linearity that gives the composition a young and fresh connotation, yet at the same time with a marked identity. 

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Matching living room and kitchen