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Meeting your Architect

Meeting your Architect

Here’s how you can work together with your designer to create the house of your dreams.

Among the areas for which the opinion of interior designers is most sought after is the kitchen. Precisely because this area is where people spend most of their time, there are plenty requests that need to be satisfied, therefore the expert must be able to intercept these needs and devise the best possible solution
In order for the design to fulfil all your expectations, you also need to play your part.

Start on the right foot

The first thing to do once you have scheduled a meeting with the architect/designer who will design your kitchen, living-room or bathroom is to arrive at the appointment with clear ideas as to what you wish to achieve with your kitchen.

Here are some suggestions to convey your expectations clearly:

1) Bring some pictures or catalogues of kitchens and bathrooms you like, or those stylistically closest to the one you have in mind. This will facilitate your designer’s task of making your desires materialise;
2) Be prepared to answer some important questions, such as “how many members does your family have?”, “how do you cook?”, “what do you like and dislike about your current kitchen?", as well as questions relating to your needs (e.g. if you have children at home and therefore desire a safer environment, etc.). Each of your answers will help to properly guide the designer;
3) Clearly define your budget. Working with a clear budget in mind will help you to choose bathrooms and kitchens tailored to your investment;
4) If the meeting is to be held at the designer, bring a floor plan of the rooms or its relative measurements, including indications of the mains water and electricity connections and the location of doors and windows.

The first meeting

This phase is purely for familiarising. The designer will listen to your needs and requirements, and will get an idea of your budget and available kitchen space

If the appointment is held at your home, the architect will measure the available space and take some pictures to facilitate his/her task. 

This phase constitutes an ideal opportunity for you to get closely acquainted with the designer’s work and the services he/she may offer you. Want a tip? Ask the designer to show you some previous assignments to ascertain whether his/her style may match the idea you have for your new hause.

Once the meeting is over, the architect will have a clear picture to design your kitchen and bathroom funiture, then he will present you a project.

After receiving the designer’s proposal, you may continue working with him/her to fine-tune every detail of the room. 

Once the work plan is approved, the design of your dream house will begin to materialise!

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Meeting your Architect