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Modern linear bathroom

Modern linear bathroom

Horizontally developing units, for a modern bathroom with a sophisticated yet simple style.

Simple silhouettes, clear geometric shapes and minimal styling: these are the features that define a modern bathroom that communicates with the surrounding space, characterised by a design that ensures ergonomic and simple furnishings.


Linear style and uniform hues

In some cases, modern bathroom furnishings can consist of a few elements, like a long top with a sit-on washbasin to which, depending on the space available, can be added an extremely practical storage mirror, closed or open-fronted wall units and wall-mounted vanity units for the utmost comfort and functionality. Playing with different materials too, like lacquered and veneered glass, for an extremely warm welcome.

Wall-mounted solutions

When the metres available in a modern bathroom do not allow very complex furnishings or an extensive range of elements, the wall can always be used to support hygiene and beauty products. An example is Line System, a modular system made up of wall panels and alternating profiles, onto which several Dark Steel painted metal articles can be attached: storage bowls, shelves, open-fronted elements and hooks. The structure, supplemented by the wall panel in the same finish as the top, contributes to making the environment simple yet with every detail meticulously chosen.

Details of a modern bathroom

Contemporary look and maximum combination, for modern bathroom furnishings in which the wall-mounted washbasin cabinet with the streamlined silhouette is enhanced with the trendy decorations and details that embellish it.
An example is the Dress Divided glass top with the sophisticated touch, to be combined with the wall unit fitted with smoked satin finish glass and Dark Steel aluminium profile, for an attractive storage and transparency effect. The colour choice of Bronze for the handle that provides a grip affording maximum comfort, taps, shelves, towel rails contribute to making the environment complete and extremely tasteful.

Tratto and Juno are two innovative projects for a modular and modern bathroom, to be furnished with horizontally developing units with clear geometric shapes. Discover them in our section dedicated to bathrooms!


Modern linear bathroom