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Modern living room amid comfort and functionality

Modern living room amid comfort and functionality

Colours, styles, furniture to enjoy the home in the realm of relaxation

An ode to comfort. This is how we can sum up the trend of recreating a comfortable modern living room, custom-sized for your lifestyle. The prevalent desire is to gather around the hearth, enter a home capable of transmitting heat and intimacy, whatever the time of day. Here are the main trends that confirm this desire, around which all the other novelties revolve.


Chromatic balances

Natural materials and neutral colours bring to mind this great return to a simpler and more peaceful life, according to which one can experiment with new furniture combinations.

Brass, gold and silver remain an excellent solution to add light and character to the lounge.

There is also plenty of room for delicate shades that convey balance and sophistication. A big yes to bright colours, if they are combined with soft neutral shades of beige, grey and cream.
While furnishing through the combination of pale colours and dark hues always leads to evergreen class. 

Total look living area

Having an open-plan kitchen cum living room is one of the top furnishing trends.

Hence the reasoning behind furnishing proposals such as Flux Swing Living where the exclusive styling feature of the model with a sliding effect, glides down from the wall units to embrace the living room base units for the perfect integration of both rooms of the home, thanks also to the sophisticated colour combination and the matching open-fronted compartments.

Freedom of composition

The kitchen and living room are profoundly linked thanks also to elements for the living area that are designed for multiple uses.

The "Fluida” Wall System is a versatile collection that stands out for its extensive modularity. A way to furnish and store at the same time, exploiting various compartment opening mechanisms: open-fronted to create bookcases; with flap doors, bottom-hinged flap doors or with pull-out baskets to define storage areas with the utmost freedom.

A design flexibility that also makes it possible to design a wall to separate or create an entrance between two adjoining rooms, while maintaining continuity between spaces and functions. 

Industrial style

Another solution is the “Metro” Wall System that delineates an industrial-style living area to manage comfortable and simple yet striking living rooms, where everything is within easy reach and affords a pleasant sense of lightness.

Feisty and functional, it is an interesting alternative to traditional modularity. Combined with wooden materials, it creates an unprecedented mix that “warms up” the atmosphere, imbuing it with a metropolitan soul.

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Modern living room amid comfort and functionality