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One, none, a hundred thousand handles!

One, none, a hundred thousand handles!

To open cabinets and wall units? A world of possibilities!

Round or square, understated or ultra-glamorous: there is no end to the choices when it comes to kitchen handles. So let’s embark on this journey through solutions that touch on different areas of taste, tracing a path that ideally embraces the home of each one of us.

Classic but not over the top

“Me, without hair, I’m a page with no grid, a perfume with no bottle, a closed door without a handle...” Who doesn’t remember this verse from the song by the well-known singer-songwriter Niccolò Fabi? The handle is an essential element in our homes. It is universal, present in all environments and can be found on doors, cabinet doors and kitchen, bathroom and living room unit doors. An accessory that has surpassed the threshold of time to become a true protagonist.


We can find it in the Favilla kitchen, a model that meets the needs of modernity with traditional features. Kitchen handles reflect the style perfectly. The unusual shell shape made of metal in aged effect Bronze and Silver emphasises the graceful rhythm of a country chic composition with frame doors.


A highly sophisticated idea? The combination with the knobs, alternating silhouettes and shapes, highlights the natural aesthetic elegance.

Modernity in one hand

When the kitchen features a precise stylistic sign, the type of opening enhances it, giving it an even more marked and... defined look! The sleek, contemporary design of the DeLinea kitchen is reflected in the clean-cut and linear geometric shapes and the particular processing on the door with an inset aluminium profile cut at a 40° angle for an easier grip, available in the same colour as the recessed grip profile.


You can even create your own mood by combining the grip with two different solutions: Flat (flat strip recessed grip profile) or Round (inset strip recessed grip profile), which can be fitted horizontally in the base units or vertically in the tall units. The materials for both are Aluminium, anodised Silver and Black, and the wide variety of glossy or matt lacquer colours.

Industrial and contemporary

Diesel Open workshop, a name that encompasses a range of tastes from pure industrial to sophisticated contemporary. A design packed with personality that “communicates” through extreme attention to detail, perfectly represented by the opening systems with the handle profile inset at the top of the door; a metal profile running the full length of the door, both horizontally for base units and vertically for tall units.


The handle grip, available in Bronze and Soft Steel finishes, stands out with the processing on the frame, the feet and the corner plates also in metal, which are all distinctive elements designed to give the system a unique dress code.

Classic chic

The refined soul and bright elegance of the Exclusiva Glamour kitchen offer inspiration with a striking aesthetic impact. Like the round and rectangular handles with exquisite geometric silhouettes that stand out on the doors of classic units, lending a touch of modern appeal that fulfils different expectations.


The Gold-finish or Chrome-finish metal handles can be combined with the unique design of the shaped supports of wall-mounted units and breakfast benches, to create settings that are striking in their balance and elegance.

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One, none, a hundred thousand handles!