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Professional kitchen? It’s Mia!

Professional kitchen? It’s Mia!

Mia is the professional kitchen by Carlo Cracco designed for you

If the kitchen is your kingdom and you love to dabble at the hob, a professional kitchen such as Mia is just for you: the result of the partnership between the renowned Michelin-starred chef and Scavolini, this unique project offers simple, yet highly professional solutions, which bear the distinguishing features of a “great kitchen” directly in your own home. Are you ready to get cooking? Do read the article first though!

“Mia is designed for those who are passionate about cooking, beginning with optimum space organisation, because with well-equipped spaces, and beauty to behold, we can create wonderful dishes and wonderful ambiance for our guests.”

The keyword is professionalism

Any self-respecting professional kitchen has to accommodate and speed up every single culinary task: that’s why Mia was designed with a specifically strict composition, which reflects the food preparation line, i.e. washing, chopping and then cooking.


As well as its layout, the furniture is also appealing due to its modularity, which has been revised to amplify the capacity of base units and wall units to store the tools of the trade. The glass fronted unit in Stopsol glass framed by elegant dark steel profiles is just one example, which is supplemented by the Line System, i.e. a mesmerising, versatile and customisable wall-mounted system which can play host to food and herbs and spices: which do you usually add to your dishes?


For proper food preparation and to respect hygiene standards, the worktop is strictly in steel, but that’s not all: so is the hood, which is installed in a wall-mounted or floating structure, with a visible dish-rack, that’s great for organising your most frequently used pots and pans.

High-tech kitchen

Other excellent allies for your cooking experiments definitely include the appliances supplied as standard, including the vacuum drawer which comes in handy to divide your food into practical bags, extending their life and also marinating them, and the innovative warming lamp which keeps your dishes warm while you welcome your guests and chat to them.

The tools of the trade

Every self-respecting chef has their own tools: the question is how and where to store them? We have already mentioned the convenience of glass fronted units, but to have them at hand at all times, Mia has thought of some really cool and professional accessories: one of these is the dresser, made of beech and equipped with a rolling pin, three kitchen roll holders, a magnetic knife rack and a chopping board, in short everything you’ll need to express your creativity in the kitchen.


Another added bonus of the model is the pull-out top with a cut-out to discard all your food waste and a knife rack: a really practical tool, don’t you agree?


Last but not least, if you need to move your cookware from one side of the kitchen to the other, you can also rely on the Mia model trolley, in pinstripe oak decorative melamine or dark steel lacquered, designed with a storage compartment and available with a fixed top or a pull-out top.

So, what’s cooking? To create your very own professional kitchen, contact our dealers and choose the perfect Mia composition for your space!
Professional kitchen? It’s Mia!