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Reclaimed order (in the bathroom)

Reclaimed order (in the bathroom)

A selection of bathroom accessories to make the most of internal spaces and store your bathroom essentials for total everyday comfort within easy reach!

Storing, stowing, showing: the place for beauty and hygiene no longer has any secrets! Depending on the stylistic varieties of the bathroom offerings, we discover some designer solutions to optimise space and furnish settings with sophistication and painstaking care for details.  


Elements between the top and the mirror

Let’s start with that fateful moment, when we’re standing in front of the mirror to face a new day or get ready to go out, after a long day at work, for an evening with friends or dinner for two. This is where we can rediscover how enjoyable it can be to spend some quality pamper time on ourselves. And this is where under-mirror accessories come in handy - they are practical, rational, and attractive.

Harmonious shapes

The bathroom is the room for relaxation personified, a comfortable and welcoming location... but only if it is neat and tidy! Our allies in this case are containers, objects for everyday use that adapt perfectly to the shapes and materials of the other furnishing elements, to create a fantastic overall harmonious look. Roomy and made of Solid White plastic, the Qi container with cover, resting on vanity units and shelves, features a minimal design and elemental white colour in keeping with the aesthetic styling of the project by Nendo. It is also useful with its free-standing container stand, for maximum practicality.

The “features” of an exclusive design

Accessories define the sophisticated character of a setting. The Give line of bathroom accessories – which includes shelvessupport and towel rail in Brass, Bronze and Steel finish with an exclusive design - constitutes the distinguishing feature of Tratto and completes the collection to ensure perfect consistency with all the elements of the bathroom, such as the taps, lights and mirrors.

Give can be teamed with the Line System collection consisting of shelves and bowls with covers, designed to make the most of all the surfaces, including vertical ones.

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Reclaimed order (in the bathroom)