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Scavolini dresses up for the festive season

Scavolini dresses up for the festive season

Let the decorating begin: here are the colours to focus on for a Christmas home

Christmas is just around the corner and exudes a magical, relaxed atmosphere: give friends and family a warm welcome, inviting them into a festively dressed home. In this article we have gathered a few inspirations for furnishing your home with the ultimate Christmas colours: from units to decorations, find out how to create the right festive mood.

Authentic Christmas

The timeless combination of red and green is the undisputed centrepiece of a home steeped in tradition: this is why the Christmas tree, a large fir tree decorated with red and gold baubles, Scottish bows and bright garlands, is simply essential. Speaking of garlands, have you already hung your Christmas garland with berries outside your front door?


For those who want to celebrate the magic of the festive season from the first to the last decoration, gnomes and nutcrackers are also must-haves; these can be put on the mantelpiece or units in the living room and they must be red: because nothing should be overlooked at Christmas, right?

If you think that these colours are suitable for your home and, most of all, that you will enjoy them all year round, we recommend you choose entire compositions with a satin finish/oxidised effect: a true stylish statement.

Sparkling Christmas

Make way for gold and silver colours, which infuse the interiors and add a chic feel to the table and tree, and that’s not all. To celebrate in the best possible way, everything is tinged with golden magic, including the finishes of the furnishing accessories: shelves, handles and plinths boast reflective materials, lighting up every corner and creating configurations packed with personality. 

White Christmas

To breathe in the magical atmosphere of Christmas, you can also bring the typical colours of a winter landscape into your home: how many times have you stood gazing out of the window admiring the snowflakes dancing in the air? Recreate the softness of snow by putting soft white cushions or a warm woollen blanket on the sofa.

Again, everyone enjoys the cosiness of a home at Christmas, right? Evoke the silent enchantment of magical nights by choosing blue units and making a tree out of sticks and string, which you can then hang on the wall and decorate with lots of tiny lights. If Christmas is DIY, it will be even more magical!

Colours and materials
Scavolini dresses up for the festive season