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Scavolini kitchen, Italian taste and quality

Scavolini kitchen, Italian taste and quality

Scavolini’s excellence Made in Italy is (also) certified for kitchen furniture. Focus on compositions and their uniqueness.

The great beauty of materials and finishes Made in Italy, together with the painstaking care for details worthy of an artisan, stands out perfectly in the Scavolini kitchen. The origin of our kitchen furniture is certified and it meets strict evaluation criteria to demonstrate its all-Italian soul. You can discover the wealth of the Bel Paese in our kitchens!

Certified Italian origin

Sometimes Italians like to exaggerate: theatrics are part of their culture. But when it comes to quality, it's never too much, just the pure, simple reality that meets the strictest evaluation criteria. Just like the Scavolini Italian kitchen. For us, quality is a serious matter, so much so that, back in 2018, we obtained the "Made in Italy” product, origin and quality Certification issued by COSMOB.

This means that our kitchen compositions, and more, are 100% of Italian origin. The certification of our kitchen cabinets concerns both the production process and the finished product: the semi-finished products and the manufacturing of our compositions are Italian and comply with the UNI 11674:2017 standard. Moreover, the quality of the finished product follows the safety, strength and durability requirements of the UNI 11663:2017 and UNI EN 1479:2016 standards.

Obviously, the certification obtained for our kitchens concerns the furniture in its entirety: from the structure of the base and wall units to the doors; this applies to the entire production process certified as Made in Italy. A commitment we keep to every day!

Verified quality luxury

We know that Italy is considered to be the home of luxury and style. This important heritage drives us every day to listen to the most diverse requests, to the expectations and accommodate the necessary evaluation criteria for kitchen furniture Made in Italy.

Our idea of an Italian kitchen can only be the result of carefully selected materials, designed to emphasise sophisticated and versatile design offerings. The kitchen houses prestigious finishes that embrace the entire composition. In keeping with the latest trends, light and colour star in the kitchen thanks to expertly designed combinations to accommodate any style requirement. Where your imagination stops, our models come in to shape the setting, offering novel and ever-topical combinations.

This is Baccarat, a model with a revisited classic style that incorporates precious games of light and sophisticated materials, certified Made in Italy. This exclusive project was devised for generous spaces designed with painstaking care for details.

An all-Italian origin

Carefully checking the origin and quality Made in Italy of our compositions also means being able to choose the style and finish of each element of an Italian kitchen. We continuously seek to improve the design, embellished with subtle nuances and ingenious ideas that make it versatile. Similarly, our kitchen offerings embrace different desires, to satisfy unique and personal tastes.

Somewhat like the details of the Exclusiva model and its all-Italian soul: an elegant and refined style that embraces modernity and ties in with new materials. Here, the light affords precious reflections provided by the prized finishes and classic-inspired decorations. A look at history that continues to this day. Exclusiva has been awarded the certification of Italian origin concerning materials, decorations and totally unprecedented compositions. A tangible demonstration of how the style of the Bel Paese is the epitome of impeccable choices and famous sophistication.

Scopri le nostre proposte per una cucina tutta italiana presso i rivenditori e sullo Shop online Scavolini!

Scavolini kitchen, Italian taste and quality