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Shower enclosures

Shower enclosures

The best looking shower enclosure models to furnish the bathroom

In this article, we’ll be addressing a crucial and tricky issue in everyday life: the shower enclosure. Yes, that small corner of paradise where we hope literally to wash away our worries. Have you ever wondered about the variety of shower enclosure models you can choose from? Prepare to delve into the irresistible world of shower enclosures, drawing inspiration from some practical examples!

Glass or plate glass shower enclosure

A shower is synonymous with practicality: there’s no better way to start the day or to unwind after work or a work-out, don’t you agree? In addition to being a very convenient solution, the shower can become a design feature, drawing attention in the bathroom furniture.

If you respond to the appeal of materials, you could complete your shower enclosure with glass walls and play with the taps, for instance by installing a clearly visible extra large shower head. Another perfect solution if you’re willing to dare and create a contrast with the furniture is dark shower glass combined with total black taps, such as in the Formalia model: this makes the shower take on a completely different personality.

Do you wish for a more glamorous bathroom? To achieve pure relaxation, then pick a shower enclosure in tempered plate glass: it lends its surroundings the stylish aesthetics and functionality worth of a spa.

Make sure you clean and dry your shower enclosure thoroughly, thereby extending its appeal over time.

Opening the shower enclosure

Another way to choose a designer shower enclosure is to focus on the door opening. The classic of all classics is a shower enclosure with hinged door or sliding door: it’s easy to clean and immediately accessible, proving the perfect fit even in small bathrooms, where the shower is fitted in a niche.

Want that wow effect? An extremely singular and stylish solution is the shower enclosure with revolving door, which immediately brings to mind the entrance to the most luxurious hotels: it’s all about relaxation!

<p>In terms of striking aesthetics, nothing beats a <strong>shower enclosure with folding or external folding doors</strong>: the handle built directly into the glass provides a solid grip and speedy opening, making it ideal for everyday use, for a comfortable and far from ordinary bathroom.</p>

How about the screen shower enclosure? Also known as a flush shower or walk-in shower, this solution is distinguished by an open side, capable of giving it a sense of continuity and of making the bathroom look bigger: this shower enclosure is a must for a modern bathroom.

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Shower enclosures