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Space-saving solutions for your seaside home

Space-saving solutions for your seaside home

Design the interiors of your seaside home with Scavolini

Dreaming of your seaside home brings to mind images of lazy days spent on the beach, long coastal strolls and memorable moments of sun-kissed relaxation. Nevertheless, when it comes to furnishing your seaside home, a frequent obstacle to overcome is the limited amount of space: is this the case for you too? Don’t panic: with the right space-saving solutions, you can create a functional and welcoming setting, optimising every available inch. Read the article to find some clever ideas on how to renovate the look of your second home.

Choosing furniture for your seaside home

Even in a small apartment, you can feel at home without foregoing comfort: simply hide away to organise the available space best, thus distinguishing the living area from the sleeping area. Indeed, many seaside homes are just studio apartments, where one space is used as a kitchen, a bedroom, a laundry room and even a smart office. To avoid it looking like total chaos and converting your furniture as needed, you need some panelling: ever heard of it?

We mean cupboards with retractable doors (single and double), which can contain appliances or even an entire kitchen, a living room and even a bedroom. These solutions lie at the heart of the BoxLife project, devised by Scavolini to accommodate the hectic pace of modern life and allow you to decorate even the “toughest” environments, like a seaside home, without compromising on style and on design.

Would you like your washing machine to be hidden away from view, but still be installed in your bathroom? The bathroom with a concealed laundry can be easily furnished with the Laundry Space collection, which comprises washing machine and drier base units and bathroom cabinets, and accessories that are extremely useful for everyday cleaning activities, such as a washtub, a laundry basket, an iron and a power outlet tower, all pull-out.

More room for guests too

Are you expecting guests for the holidays? With BoxLife solutions, you’ll no longer need to worry about where visiting friends and family can sleep: hidden away when not in use, the bedroom area can be fitted with double beds, single beds or bunk beds, which fold away easily in the morning to make room for breakfast and a chat.

As the saying goes: “You think better on a full stomach” so where do you eat lunch and dinner? The BoxLife furniture collection really does think of everything: just like the beds, the table can also pull out when needed, thanks to a telescopic leg which unfolds to provide a practical and convenient table top for your lovingly prepared dishes.

Colours for close quarters

As well as organising space in a smart way, to furnish your seaside home and make it appear bigger, your allies are also colours, first and foremost white, together with pale hues, such as sand or sky blue: they create the illusion of being on a boat, blending in perfectly with your seaside home surroundings.

Space-saving solutions for your seaside home