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Steel kitchens

Steel kitchens: guide to steel components

Catering to the needs of a demanding star chef, steel kitchens bring the features of a “great kitchen” into your home, providing all the comforts required to fine-tune your culinary skills. What’s more, steel is one of the most hygienic widely used materials: this aspect should not be overlooked in any kitchen, especially when it comes to the worktop. Let’s get down to business: let’s discover all the distinguishing features and strengths of a steel kitchen!

Steel structure

One kitchen model featuring steel as one of its strong points is Mia by Carlo Cracco, the kitchen designed by Scavolini in partnership with the famous chef, which reinterprets the design of a professional kitchen in a domestic setting. Take note that a modern or minimal home is the perfect setting to accommodate this kind of project, creating a definite wow effect.


Indeed, the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen goes far beyond the traditional kitchen in our collective imagination, offering the entire composition in steel; specifically, it comprises dark steel doors, undisputedly synonymous with elegance, teamed with satin finish or dark steel finish metal handles.


The unique and unmistakable style of this model can also be seen in the clever combination of decorative melamine with the steel fronts and Stopsol glass, capacious compartments for convenient storage.

Steel kitchen worktop

We mentioned the kitchen worktop at the beginning of this article: don’t you agree that the choice between aesthetics and functionality is always a tough one? Well, with a steel worktop you will no longer need to compromise! Indeed, steel is definitely a modern composition material and, at the same time, it is impermeable, resistant to shocks, stresses and scratches, and is extremely hygienic.

Hob, dish-rack and accessories, all in steel

To make sure it has all the trimmings too, the Mia kitchen also has a steel hood and dish-rack, wall-mounted or ceiling-hanging, rigorously organised to observe the food preparation line: washing, chopping and cooking, just like in a professional kitchen.


To boost the unmistakable design of this steel kitchen is also the attractive styling of the appliances and the line of multiple accessories, such as the shaped upstand or the practical trolley, available in dark steel lacquered to remain in keeping with the metallic hues of the kitchen.

To see the Mia by Carlo Cracco model or other kitchens up close, contact one of our dealers!