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The age of gold

Let’s allow the sensuality of golden materials and hues to seduce us, along with retro details and metallic finishes, and also the novel use of elements from the past benefiting from a new lease of life in a modern context.


Colour Combinations

Gold is much more than a colour, or a mere metal. Glorious and dazzling, a symbol of purity since the age of antiquity, today it retains its precious character, embellishing interiors with a welcoming, luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere, in keeping with the latest interior furnishing trends.


Preferring the warm, sophisticated tone of gold means making a timeless choice. In a charming combination of past and contemporary elegance, it plays the starring role in the living room and bathroom, in colour combinations that imbue the rooms of any home with a scintillating and exclusive ambiance.

Everlasting White and Gold

The colour gold is the perfect match for both dark and pale shades, with very different visual effects. Combining gold with gentler, more neutral hues makes for a softer touch. The gold finish handles and details of the Exclusiva kitchen add vibrancy to the Porcelain Cream glossy lacquered base units and wall units, marked by a refined chromatic balance.

The golden decorations on the frame, capitals and friezes are on the other hand the leitmotiv of the Baltimora furnishing project in the White matt lacquered versions for the kitchen and bathroom, where even the taps, handles and accessories in the Dèco series revisit the existing distinctive retro style with a modern twist.

Shades of Grey

Refined, prestigious, simply magnificent like the namesake Magnifica - the bathroom furnishings offering where the Gold finishes of the Mink and Tundra Grey glossy lacquered compositions are emphasised in the profiles under the marble tops and in the handles which have been crafted like precious gems.
The golden colours become stronger and bolder in the Iron Grey glossy lacquered composition for an even more modern and sophisticated result.

And to finish off beautifully, there’s the Gold Leaf finish, a scenic solution for those who want a home packed with personality.

Gold Has Its Own Mood

Even gold has its own shades of equally glowing and gleaming colour. These include the Bronze handles and plinths in the Dove Grey matt lacquered and warm Tussah Walnut version of the Mood kitchen, the Brass finish of the handles which stand out on more couture hues such as Navy and the Stained Brass stained look lacquered finish in contrast with the dark shades of Saxony Walnut, which create highly elegant effects.

Clad your home with metallic reflections, make it precious and sparkling with stylish choices that reflect the current time of year to suit the most original and contemporary tastes.