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The built-in sink, a stylish choice in any kitchen

The built-in sink, a stylish choice in any kitchen

Sophistication and striking simplicity for sociability oozing contemporary style

Once upon a time, the kitchen was used solely to prepare food, and was hidden away from visitors, almost like a dirty secret. These days on the other hand, the kitchen is in fact the sociable setting par excellence, where people spend the most time, and where guests are welcomed with culinary delights and delicacies.

Domestic culinary spaces have been given a new lease of life thanks to open-plan solutions featuring elements with a great emotional impact, such as sinks built into the worktop, capable of modifying the aesthetics without standing out too much. Or perhaps they do stand out a little, since the built-in sink conveys an idea of cleanliness and order, turning a modern kitchen into a place for hospitality, to be shown off with pride!

Let’s find out what it is exactly, and what the characteristics of a kitchen sink built into the top are.

Sink built into the top: what exactly is it?

The built-in sink was designed with - and in the same material as - the worktop, in a craft-based high-impact item. Washing vegetables and dicing them on the chopping board is even quicker if the cutting area stretches all the way to the sink, right? This extends the workspace, making it sophisticated and understated. As well as multi-functional.

The minimal design immediately transforms it into a prized element, making the built-in sink a must-have in any self-respecting contemporary kitchen; the lack of joints is beguiling too: the sink basin is obtained from the top or welded to it, making it impossible to distinguish between the worktop and the kitchen sink. This detail embodies the principle of “less is more” in modern kitchens designed with painstaking care for details.

Single or double basin, and with or without a drainer: there are a large number of built-in sink possibilities, at the discretion of the kitchen designer, to create a harmonious whole where each element emphasises and is enhanced by the remainder of the furnishings.

The principal materials

For a uniform and elemental result, a sink built into the top of a modern kitchen can be made of an extensive range of materials. One great solution is a stainless steel top with built-in sinks for professional kitchens and non, another are built-in sinks in high-performance technical materials - such as Fenix®, Quarz and Porcelain Stoneware - for an eye-catching result with colours that bring to mind the vein patterns of natural stones.

Built-in kitchen sinks are also available in the materials used to make the bathroom top which offers a uniform, extremely bright overall look.

Built-in sink pros and cons

Like all style choices, the built-in sink also offers advantages while entailing a few shortcomings. One enormous advantage of modern kitchens with an island, and those without, which feature a built-in sink is the minimal design which is extremely contemporary.

It is important to point out that, since it is built into the top, the sink cannot be replaced should you no longer like it: in this case, you would have to replace the entire kitchen top. However, the performance levels, with due maintenance, remain outstanding at all times, so it’s up to you!

Visit our Kitchens section to browse a number of models with built-in sink. Or contact your nearest dealer to find out all the details!

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The built-in sink, a stylish choice in any kitchen