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The essentials of the Miko bathroom

The essentials of the Miko bathroom

You’ll pick the new Miko bathroom for these very details!

Are you tired of seeing the same-old same-old bathroom showroom displays? The new Miko model by Scavolini is here to bowl you over with its wow effect. With its clean-cut silhouettes, sophisticated details and a unique concept of space, this modern bathroom will turn your daily skincare routine into an extraordinary pamper session. Let’s find out more about the collection’s essentials!

A bathroom with a contemporary style

The beating heart of the Miko bathroom is its L-processed door, a design detail that is not only eye-catching, but which redefines the traditional concept of the bathroom cabinet. Indeed, this choice is not only stylish and attractive, but it is also functional: the recessed grip profile, which is available in either the Flat or Round version, provides a more practical opening of the door, granting you easy access to your creams and lotions at bedtime.

Sophisticated aesthetic combinations and classy textures to choose from

When it comes to furnishing the bathroom, one of the wettest rooms in the home, the quality of the materials used makes a huge difference: here, every detail is painstakingly devised, using top quality coverings built to stand the test of time.
And there’s more: what do you make of the slat finishes on the door?
An obvious declaration of style, this finish adds an elegant touch to a minimalist bathroom, creating an appealing textured effect and making the bathroom truly one of a kind.

Beauty and functionality

From the pull-out tray to the towel rails, wall-mounted accessories and cabinets: the new Miko bathroom also offers a series of solutions to organise and keep toiletries tidy, guaranteeing practical use and at the same time a lightweight and clean-cut composition. Have you noticed how every element matches the bathroom furniture and the door finish? Nothing is left to chance!

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The essentials of the Miko bathroom