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The home interior of tomorrow is multitasking

The home interior of tomorrow is multitasking

The home of the (near) future hosts life at 360 degrees. The place of familiarity becomes more and more welcoming.

New daily routines, domestic life and an ever-increasing awareness of our surroundings are shaping our “habitat”, making it more dynamic and multitasking. The domestic space is transforming and adapting to accommodate video calls with the other side of the world in which we live and work, the sports workouts of the more active individuals along with the singing performances of those relaxing in the bath or shower! Today, furniture is an extension of one’s style, outlook on life and vision of the world. Let’s focus on this new redefinition of design to find out how to accommodate different needs in the home!

Convertible design

Over the last few years, our living spaces have been adapted to fulfil the requirements of an active home that functions as a gym, home cinema and play area for children, while still being welcoming and functional for those who live there. And so we all find ourselves living in the same space, in search of a versatility that allows us to create a connection between our work and study environments and our homes. One way to combine the different needs is to create hybrid environments with versatile and “smart” furniture.


The convertible solutions of BoxLife are a perfect example of furniture that incorporates every moment of the day. With the right sizes, a room can instantly turn into a kitchen, study or work environment. Or it can be transformed into a relaxation corner with a living area and TV, to give way to a concealed bed and a large multi-purpose cabinet when needed. With BoxLife, versatile and functional cabinets shape the space with one gesture!


If, on the other hand, the idea is to transform a single corner of the home, Dandy Plus is the “visionary” model that offers multi-faceted ideas that stand out even more with the minimalist and clean finishes. The bathroom area, restyled and inspired by the iconic Dandy model of the 80's, meets the latest demands for connection between the environments and more. One way to make full use of the space with minimal clutter is the Task bar, designed to hold electrical sockets and much more. There are no limits to creativity with a “futuristic” twist.

Harmonious coexistence

There will be no excuses for the lazy and overworked in the home of tomorrow, where workouts, meditation and so much more will be carried out there. Designing the dynamic home of tomorrow is a challenge, requiring a difficult balance between high functionality and expression of personality and individuality of its occupants. Challenge accepted! Exercising, meditating, eating a balanced diet and resting enough will no longer be a matter of organisation, because all you will need is a small corner for reading, listening to music, writing, praying or whatever you fancy doing, using a simple design element to boost your spirit!

An extremely useful accessory for this purpose is the tubular structure of Diesel Open Workshop, designed for the bathroom area: the dual function of the floor-standing screen and towel rail with bronze-finish makes it multi-purpose and ideal for finding the right privacy even in the relaxation room.

The bathroom area can also house a home gym, thanks to the innovative Gym Space models, where movement and total relaxation coexist in the same place. It is a small step from the gym to the bathtub, and fully deserved!

Comfort is king

In the home of the future, comfort will no longer (only) be synonymous with soft seating, but will affect the entire domestic space. First and foremost, the use and optimisation of the rooms, to make them welcoming and practical as well as functional. A clear example is the harmony between the study/work area and the living space. Finding the right setting where you can study or work from home - it is now quite obvious - no longer means just putting a computer on a surface, but it also requires lighting, ergonomic seating, silence and concentration. In this idea of comfort - a “functional” comfort that is unrelated to the idea of relaxation - the various factors outlined in the home working project of Formalia play their part.

A stimulating and modern solution that accommodates the work/study space in a refined elegance. The built-in light in this space enhances the finishes of the Titanium Status wall system and wall panel in garden walnut decorative melamine, with iron grey matt lacquered sliding doors and Home Matter decorative melamine pull-out desk top. Here, space and light work together to make the area 100% efficient and appealing.

Which “futuristic” idea can’t you resist for your home? Browse them all at Scavolini dealers!

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The home interior of tomorrow is multitasking