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There is so much more than just equipped walls for your living room

There is so much more than just equipped walls for your living room

And which living room are you? Must-haves for the living area

The living room is the quintessential room for relaxation: this is where we enjoy our free time, spend quality time with friends and lose track of time. When designing and furnishing it, comfort is an indispensable factor, which is why an equipped wall is an absolute must: the unique and versatile unit stylishly organises the space, containing the objects you need and are fond of and fulfilling all the functions demanded by an environment focused on well-being. But what else shouldn’t be missing from the living area? Here is an overview of the different options available!

What’s on TV tonight?

How often do you find yourself compulsively zapping or unable to choose which TV series to watch first? The TV often keeps us company, and since we still can’t live without it, the equipped wall in the living room must include a unit to hold it.


So what shall we watch? You can go and make some popcorn while the Mood Living Room takes care of the rest with the Metro Wall System, featuring base units and shelves in Concrete Harlem decorative melamine.

New chapter: organisation

Have you started reading that book again that you started last summer and left halfway through?


Luckily, with the Fluida Wall System, every page is within easy reach of the sofa: thanks to the partition structure, you can optimise space, customising open-fronted compartments and pull-out baskets to organise all your books and magazines in a special bookcase.

Setting up a glass-fronted unit

What about Grandma’s dinner plates? Many equipped walls have display cabinets, a perfect solution for keeping all those objects that we cherish but only take out for special occasions.


The Exclusiva Living Room combines the Extra White Stoneware wall panel and glossy Prestige White lacquered shelves, joined by support wires to a double sequence of wall units, with mirrored back panels and internal lights, designed to make every ornament shine.

Room for memories

Family photos, souvenirs from the last holiday, wedding favours and knick-knacks: the White metal shelves of the Liberamente Living Room look as if they have been specially designed to hold all your favourite things, don’t they?

Ask your Scavolini dealer for a closer look at all the living room solutions.
There is so much more than just equipped walls for your living room