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Trolleys in the kitchen: how are they useful to you?

Trolleys in the kitchen: how are they useful to you?

Discover which models add new features and striking hues to the range.

Their main feature is practicality! Trolleys offer a safe hand in the kitchen. They never let you down: they are versatile, easy to use, fitted with wheels to cart them anywhere and keep them close when you need them. They are those “friends” that are hard to do without; let’s see why by investigating two exceptional models. 

Plenty of functions in a limited amount of space

The trolley offered in the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen meets the demands of everyday life, combining them with the functionality of a professional model. It couldn’t be any other way, seeing as it was designed according to the instructions of chef Carlo Cracco himself!
Who better than him could suggest the importance of having this tool as an aid for the preparation of dishes, and more too. Only those who every day express their personal best in the kitchen can appreciate the need for different types of use concentrated in a small space.

The result is the multi-purpose kitchen trolley equipped with a pull-out top which can be made of various materials, wood or Ceppo di Grè porcelain stoneware, and that features a hole as its distinguishing feature, with a waste bin underneath.
You know when you’re chopping and slicing vegetables and all the scraps are left on the chopping board? This problem is solved thanks to this very simple but extremely practical system.

In order to maximise processing times, the trolley is equipped with a knife rack which can also be pulled out if necessary. The compartment underneath, on the other hand, can be used to store bottles, dishes and glasses, and thus benefit from further storage space.

Its structure can be in Pinstripe Oak decorative melamine, lacquered or steel and it is fitted with wheels to allow you to move the trolley to where it’s needed. Have you already fallen in love?

Colour and design that make a difference

The aesthetics, the colour, the silhouette: the trolley too, when it comes onto the kitchen scene, helps define and accentuate its style. The trolley in the Misfits collection, a line of free-standing objects designed for the Diesel Social Kitchen range, fits perfectly into an setting that combines modernity with comfort, a kitchen workshop and a place for entertaining friends.
Generously sized and distinguished by a understated appeal, Misfit Cart has a structure organised over three levels available in the Drip Metal, Spotless Metal and Tempera Green, Yellow and Indigo finishes. It lets you add a splash of colour even to a kitchen with a minimal spirit, for those who want to create movement also thanks to the fitted wheels. The part under the top shelf houses a practical drawer with 4 compartments, which is extremely useful to keep all the most important kitchen utensils at hand. The large handle is convenient for both transport and as a kitchen towel rail.

A kitchen trolley that hardly goes unnoticed, characterised by maximum functionality and practicality, yet still capable of bringing a touch of industrial style into your kitchen.

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Trolleys in the kitchen: how are they useful to you?