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TV cabinets with a concealed door

TV cabinets with a concealed door

Closed sliding door TV cabinets are the ideal solution to furnish a modern living room

Not sure about having a TV in your living room? Concerned a cozy couch and a flat screen will tempt you to watch reality TV all day? The secret is to hide it: closed TV cabinets with a concealed door are the ideal solution for modern lounges, which aren’t only intended for watching movies but also to gather the family and swap stories about your day. You wouldn’t want to be distracted by a TV, would you? Slide the door over it and keep on talking!

Hide away your TV and protect it

We’ve already mentioned the possibility of covering the screen when it’s not in use, but that’s not the only advantage of cabinets with a concealed door: this type of door in fact not only hides away the TV, but it also protects it from dust and accidental damage, minimizing the risk of repairs or replacements.

The TV compartment can also be closed to prevent children or pets from touching the screen and/or playing with the twisted cables: cats are always keen to play with tangles.

It optimizes and decorates the room

In addition to providing a great place for your TV, cabinets with a concealed door also offer plenty of space both to store all your devices, such as your DVD player and gaming console, as well as to arrange cables and other equipment in a tidy and accessible way. That’s a pretty big bonus, don’t you think?


Even your books and holiday mementos can be stored in your TV cabinet, turning your living room into an even more functional and welcoming setting, optimized to your specific needs and preferences.


It emphasizes the look of your living room

Does this cabinet appeal to you, but you’re not sure whether it’s feasible considering the shape of your room? Sliding door TV cabinets are available in such a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes that they will fit any type of living room. Just think of Scavolini wall systems: adaptive and modular, they always give rise to brand-new configurations, furnishing a living room that is completely customized. Here’s an example of a living room furnished with the Liberamente collection and a detail of the corner cabinet with TV compartment and sliding door.

TV cabinets with a concealed door