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What’s the best way to furnish a living-area?

What’s the best way to furnish a living-area?

The key word is personalisation: from style to colours, from forms to materials, by way of accessories and ornamental features...

In this article, we introduce you to some of the factors we consider essential for furnishing your living-room to create an atmosphere of comfort and elegance, combined with practicality and convenience. Everything must be correctly positioned to make the best use of space without sacrificing comfort.
You may start by choosing a single style (classical, modern, contemporary, design, country, ethnic.... ) or a perfect mix of some or all of them. However, if you are not sure of what you want, to avoid muddle we advise you to visit a Scavolini dealer, who is sure to appreciate your needs and design the most suitable solution.

Not just fitted walls, living-room furniture, sofas and armchairs, but also curtains, lights, carpets, other words, everything you need to furnish your living-room!

By mixing creativity and imagination, you can come up with a spectacular design for your living area.
The Scavolini furnishing programmes for the living area offer you many opportunities for creating solutions with personalised shapes, colours, materials and finishes. You can choose from modular fitted walls with wall claddings and shelves, open-fronted units and storage cupboards, integrated desks for study .... and have great fun combining solid blocks and empty spaces, wall-mounted units, geometric lines and minimalist forms. 

If you don’t like the idea of a whole fitted wall, you can go for just a floor-mounted base composition with storage fittings like big baskets, on which you can place your TV, and combine it with a glass-fronted cabinet to take all your family treasures, a bookcase or shelves.

In any case, during the design phase always think about how you are going to use this room of your home, so you can choose and position every single item in a way that suits your habits and needs; this will make sure you create a functional, well organised layout.

Once you’ve decided the ideal arrangement for the key items, you can move on to choose the ornamental features, which ideally should match the rest of the living-area furnishings.

Pictures, photographs, lights, carpets, curtains, vases, pocket emptier...and lots, lots more.  They are often wrongly considered as just extras that frame the room: in fact, the ornamental items are what give the room its character, highlight some features and create the all-important welcoming, intimate “feel”.  Real classical or modern design pieces can be used, to imprint the room with their style.

Have fun choosing and placing all the decorative fittings you like!


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What’s the best way to furnish a living-area?