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Where to store books

Where to store books

Modern bookcases and other solutions to arrange books if you don’t have a bookcase

Are you an avid reader? Whether you’re a fan of unputdownable novels, short essays or introspective poetry, we’re certain you spent a long time deliberating how to plan your domestic book space: sometimes even having a dedicated corner can turn your interiors into a literary paradise. In this article, we’ll explore various modern bookcase options, keeping in mind various settings and times of day you could pick up, peruse and read a book and then put it away. Happy reading!

A personal library

“Come in and I’ll show you my book collection”: how many times have you imagined saying that? A complete library is every bookworm’s dream. Did you know it isn’t that hard to achieve? If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, you could consider furnishing it entirely with books, arranging wall-mounted shelving and organising them by genre or author. This personal library could be the perfect place for your evening reading: a comfortable armchair and soft lighting are therefore a must.

You don’t have enough room for a whole library? That doesn’t mean you have to give up on a corner dedicated to books, or a bookcase! Strategically placed in the living room, office or bedroom, modular bookcases are the smart solution to store your books as well as ornaments and non-decorative items, like a TV.

To this end, wall systems are also a brilliant solution to divide an open space, symbolically separating the kitchen and lounge to create a cosy atmosphere: the living room thus becomes the ideal place to pick up a book in the morning and take time out for a quick read before going to work.

There’s more: thanks to our multi-functional wall systems, you can also store books in the bathroom too, for instance to unwind and delve into your gripping thriller as you soak in the tub.

Shelves, shelving units and trolleys for books

If you want to decorate a modern living room, our advice is to make the most of shelving units and shelves too: arranged creatively along the walls, perhaps close to the desk or TV cabinet, they can house all your pages, allowing you to find your desired read quickly, without spending hours looking for it in a separate bookcase.

Do you consider yourself a “nomadic reader”? If you enjoy experimenting with new places to read, grabbing any chance to read that you get, then consider the option of using a trolley, which you can cart anywhere in your home, to keep your novels and magazines to hand at all times.


What about your cooking books? Make the most of the island base units to keep your recipe books nearby and refer to them when necessary.

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Where to store books