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Why pick a kitchen without wall units

Why pick a kitchen without wall units

3 reasons why a kitchen without wall units is right for you

When planning your interiors, have you considered a kitchen without wall units? You may decide on this configuration for a number of reasons: read on to find out whether a kitchen without wall units is the right fit for you!

It’s all a question of... space

The first element to take into consideration is without a doubt space: what size is the room? If you live in a loft or a small apartment, the height of the room might make it hard to exploit or wall units could take up too much space and appear bulky. So when you choose your kitchen furniture, it would be ideal to opt for alternative solutions, such as visible shelves and larder units made up of multiple modules.

Another aspect that affects the kitchen installation is the presence of a window or plasterboard wall: in both cases, replacing wall units with shelves or equipped bars is a valid alternative to remedy the space issue and avoid drilling into the wall.

... style

You just don’t like wall units. A kitchen without wall units is proving increasingly popular in contemporary interiors: the absence of blocks of wall-mounted furniture makes the room look “lighter” and brighter, to suit the minimal taste typically found in modern homes.

Did you know that this kind of kitchen also meets the needs of customers with an open space? When the kitchen is visible and opens onto the living room, not having any wall units could help create more harmony between the settings, for an altogether unique aesthetic appeal.

How to replace wall units

Since it means you’ll have less space to store and preserve your groceries, does choosing a kitchen without wall units mean forgoing comfort and practicality? By no means no: you can rely on valid substitutes. Roomy base units, shelves, trolleys and wall systems will become your trusted allies to organise your cookware, crockery and pantry, providing everything you need to keep your kitchen neat and tidy and at the same time give the entire room a lightweight look.

Do you need more tips? Contact a Scavolini dealer to plan your kitchen without wall units!

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Why pick a kitchen without wall units