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Calce Bianco Porcelain Stoneware top, 10 cm thick
Ikon mirror with Fancy lighting
Magneto Wall wall-mounted accessories


Formalia. The bathroom becomes a style icon with an undisputed personality.
A few relevant features
casual character DESIGN elegant fashion minimal Modern shaped lines sophisticated wall-mounted

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An original and attractive design.
The aesthetics of doors set the style of a room. The Formalia bathroom furniture by Scavolini - in partnership with designer Vittore Niolu - manages to achieve exceptional aesthetic results.
Choosing Formalia means standing out, keeping up with current trends: it means enhancing the value of your bathroom, in a sophisticated way.
A distinguishing feature of this project is the shaped door - in decorative melamine with a textured look, or in lacquered or in PET for contemporary surfaces - which together with the handle creates aesthetics in line with the rhythmic and geometric pace of other details.

Design by Vittore Niolu
Titanio Status Wall System and sit-on tray for independent use in Garden Walnut SCAV 942 decorative melamine. Magneto mirror with perimeter light, Elm Mineralmarmo semi-inset washbasin.
Calce Bianco Porcelain Stoneware top with Monolith built-in washbasin. Magneto Wall wall-mounted accessories and Useful container with sliding tray.
Knurled foot on Titanium StatusWallSystem.Titanium handle profile on lacquered door.
Freestyle built-in washbasin in Aloe Green SCAV 279 polished glass, wall units with black frame smoked glass doors.
Cot bathtub, in Betalite, New Line towel rail combined with the Sky Line storage bowls.
Status wall-mounted towel rail
Handle profile
Sit-on tray
Useful container
Status Wall System

Add colour to everyday life with Formalia

Aloe Green glossy lacquered
Rust matt lacquered
Rain PET
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Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.

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