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Vertical angled grooves
Circular washbasins


Lagu. Glossy lacquering: a precious accent of taste and elegance.
A few relevant features
customisable equipped system flat door MODERN well-being
Attractive design and perfect functionality for the furnishings, the bathroom fixtures and accessories to complement the Lagu furnishing solutions. Our shower enclosures: innovative technological products whose sizes, forms and numerous peculiarities are sure to meet contemporary taste.

Design by Studio Castiglia Associati
Lagu project: vertical angled grooves for door openings. Composition with lacquered Titanium Grey doors and sides: an intricate ambience geometry in which spaces are expanded and circular washbasins take the centrestage.
Matt lacquered Iron Grey SCAV 374
Matt lacquered Prestige White Scav028
Vertical angled groove handle on the door
Circular washbasins

Add colour to everyday life with Lagu

Glossy lacquered Titanium Grey doors.
Matt lacquered Iron Grey SCAV 374 doors.
Matt lacquered Prestige White SCAV 028 doors.
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Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.

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Scavolini No Problem Bathrooms, 5-year warranty
When you buy a bathroom you can access SCAVOLINI NO PROBLEM BATHROOMS, the project dedicated to all those who have bought Scavolini bathroom furniture and want to share their desires and offer suggestions for getting the most from their experience of this important household environment.

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Use energy from renewable sources
Avoid wasting water
Reduce polluting emissions
Eliminate pollutants
Waste recycling
High energy efficiency of appliances
Use sustainable kitchen accessories
Zero-impact paper and printing
We are certified by the environmental management system