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Kitchen worktop at the forefront

Kitchen worktop at the forefront

Kitchen worktop: a guide to its materials

For those who enjoy cooking as much as eating, the kitchen worktop is a detail that cannot be overlooked when choosing furniture: if you spend your free time reading books or looking at recipe blogs, you must be able to count on a practical, resistant and easy to clean worktop that is both attractive and in line with the style of the room. What is the most suitable material? In this article we have selected some of the main kitchen worktop materials that combine functionality and aesthetics.

Laminate kitchen worktop

One of the most “conventional” and aesthetically versatile, the laminate worktop is available in many colours, highly popular for accurately replicating precious materials such as wood or stone, just like the Statuario laminate worktop of the LiberaMente model, combined with the satin finish steel washing area.


This type of worktop also fits well in an industrial kitchen, emphasising its mood: it is no coincidence that Diesel Open Workshop offers the two Muné Grey and Voyage Silver laminates with an underground feel.


Furthermore, laminate worktops require little maintenance and are particularly resistant to knocks, scrapes and scratches. However, they are not resistant to heat: always remember to use a trivet so as not to damage it.

Marble and granite kitchen worktop

If you love the classic style and are looking for a highly resistant worktop, marble and granite are most certainly for you. More than any other material, these durable natural stones embellish the kitchen, lending it a timeless elegance.


How about being a bit daring and choosing the charming Nero Marquinia marble worktop from our Exclusiva collection?

Quartz kitchen worktop

If, instead of a porous effect, you prefer a smooth worktop, but one that is equally glossy and will stand the test of time, we recommend the quartz top, which is very much in vogue even in modern kitchens, thanks to the many finishes available with which you can achieve compositions with outstanding aesthetics.


An example? The Coral Clay quarz worktop of the Formalia model or the Amazon quarz worktop and wall panel of the Carattere model, two contrasting colours that can both complete warm and cosy kitchens.

Steel kitchen worktop

Is it a coincidence that it is chosen to cover professional kitchens? Steel is extremely practical and hygienic, as well as versatile and durable. It also has a minimalist look, so it looks fantastic in contemporary kitchens: do you like it?

Porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop

If you are worried that steel cannot keep up with the pace of your culinary experiments and you are looking for a material that doesn’t show up the dirt as much, you can opt for a porcelain stoneware worktop featuring almost imperceptible joints that encourage simple and practical maintenance.


In addition to this technical feature, the worktop is also heat-resistant and is perfect for kitchens with a sink built into the top, which is an extremely modern configuration: the LiberaMente kitchen demonstrates this in this solution with Mineral Green matt lacquered base units combined with Calce Nero porcelain stoneware.

Dekton® kitchen worktop

The ultimate breakthrough in kitchen tops is in Dekton®, perhaps the most high-performance material, capable of ensuring the utmost resistance to scratches, thermal shocks and light. Moreover, it is extremely easy to clean and available in various finishes, thus allowing you to create your perfect kitchen.


For example, the Kelya Dekton® worktop as shown by our DeLinea model.

Would you like to discuss this further? Our dealers will be able to explain in detail the specific features of the materials and help you choose your perfect kitchen worktop!
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Kitchen worktop at the forefront