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Interior lighting: the style lights up

Interior lighting: the style lights up

Lighting as a furnishing tool: here’s how to make your home shine!

Are you looking for lamps for your home? Interior lighting is crucial: lamps not only illuminate the room, they also furnish it in the same way as other accessories, appeasing the eye and creating the right atmosphere. Hence the design factor should also be considered when choosing lights: let’s have a look at a few guidelines for the main rooms of the house!

The entrance hall

As you know, the entrance hall is the business card of a home and should be embellished with impressive lamps. If the area is narrow and long, you can play with spotlights or wall lights and use the lengths, guiding the path of those entering through the door; if, on the other hand, the entrance hall is small, you can enhance it with a suspension lamp, perhaps in a specific material such as bamboo and rattan for a boho chic style or glass for a more elegant composition.

The living room

If the living room calls, floor lamps respond: floor lamps are perfect for creating ambient lighting and framing moments of relaxation with family and friends. One of the most popular models is most certainly the arc lamp, but there are many different shapes and materials available which adapt to your personal taste and furnishing style, whether it is classic or modern.


If there is a desk and/or dining table in the living area, remember to illuminate them respectively with table lamps, to have a direct light beam in the reading corner, and a ceiling lamp, installed in the centre of the table, running along its length.

The bathroom

Both suspension and built-in ceiling lights can also be found in the bathroom, which generally requires even, diffused lighting to furnish your oasis of relaxation perfectly.


Special attention should be paid to the washbasin area, which is dedicated to daily “precision” activities like shaving or skin care: have you already fitted a light above the mirror or directed a wall lamp to facilitate these actions?

The bedroom

The ultimate place for relaxation is the bedroom, where the light should not be too intense, but rather soft to promote rest: in addition to a romantic ceiling lamp or suspended light, you can also contemplate designer floor lamps or modern dimmable lights, to be placed on the bedside table instead of the classic table lamp.


In the children’s bedroom, lamps with a playful and evocative design are a must-have, such as animal-shaped lampshades or luminous garlands, and, to reduce the fear of the dark and calm night-time awakenings, cute night lights.

The kitchen

There is nowhere like the kitchen where the light points are strategic and functional to daily activities, but this does not mean that they should be chosen neglecting their aesthetics: lights and lamps are in fact crucial in creating the right comfort and conveying that sense of sociability typical of the kitchen environment. Why not hang a large lamp to illuminate family gatherings or install spotlights to enliven the drinks area?


The choice of materials, shapes and sizes depends on your taste, but no matter which furnishing lights appeal to you, always remember to use LED light bulbs, which are synonymous with saving energy and lots and lots of hours of light!

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Interior lighting: the style lights up