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The bathroom washbasin area: for a vanity that’s top!

The bathroom washbasin area: for a vanity that’s top!

Five ideas to furnish your bathroom, teaming design with technical and spatial requirements.

It doesn’t go unnoticed; without it, cabinets and accessories make no sense. The bathroom washbasin is a key element in putting together compositions which are in keeping with the rest of the bathroom interiors or bedroom in the case of an en suite.
If you’ve decided to embark upon some refurbishment work or if you’re designing your first home, these furnishing tips should come in handy. Follow us in these 5 style ideas, and more.

Washbasin with small cabinet

When the bathroom is small or narrow, a super compact washbasin cabinet is the ideal solution to save on space and benefit from both practical and styling advantages. Reduced dimensions don’t necessarily mean less design or poor quality materials and finishes: the monobloc with large pull-out drawers in Titanium Grey matt lacquered finish supports the bathroom washbasin built into the Mineralmarmo® top.

Space to take care of yourself and of your home

The bathroom washbasin can play multiple roles, catering to both personal hygiene requirements as well as caring for your home. With Laundry Space the washbasin area becomes an attractive and efficient space, around which to revolve in order to spend time pampering yourself and domestic life.
The washbasin pictured in the glossy finish can if necessary turn into a washtub and be combined with solutions tied to the laundry world, to manage everyday tasks with the utmost ease.

A washbasin for three

The world of washbasins is extensive. Whether large or small, in the sit-on, built-in or inset versions, classic or modern in style, with soft lines or more squared shapes.
The same model can suit different tastes and diverse interior furnishing styles. The Qi washbasin built into the top, like the tap controls recessed into the shelf, can play a major, albeit discrete role in a minimal composition. 

When it is sit-on on the top, the particularly distinctive design of this washbasin plays the genuine starring role of this bathroom project; its magnetic reproduction in the white containers, arranged on the tops and shelves, does the rest. And when it reaches the floor in its charming monolithic free-standing version in Cristalplant®, if offers ultimate formal simplicity and Zen furnishings.

A shelf will save us

A simple surface runs all along a wall, on which the washbasin and accessories are placed. This is an elemental and highly trendy solution, which concurrently contributes to lending the room a far from mundane scenic charm.
This solution with Nordic Oak veneered shelf and washbasin in glossy finish Mineralmarmo® which, owing to its compact size, fits in perfectly in a small bathroom. Moreover, it offers an extensive range of materials and colours to blend in with the remainder of the bathroom, without too many problems.  

Travelling companions

These days, there are a large number of compositions in which the washbasin disappears, leaving room for the universe that surrounds it comprising wall-mounted vanity units, storage shelves, open-fronted elements and multi-purpose wall panelling.
The Garden Walnut veneered Line System decorative melamine wall panel acts as the backdrop for the Flint Grey decorative melamine vanity units, Quarz top and ceramic undermount washbasin. This scenario can also be changed with the utmost freedom in this case too, to create a bespoke project to suit individual requirements.

Furnishing advice
The bathroom washbasin area: for a vanity that’s top!