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Curved or linear bathroom cabinet?

Curved or linear bathroom cabinet?

The shape of the washbasin cabinet should be picked according to the styling requirements and the size of your bathroom

Finding the right cabinet for your bathroom is always an issue concerning the correct appraisal of the space available and the choice of shapes, materials and colours to suit our tastes and the overall look of our home.
In this article, we illustrate two particular washbasin cabinet models, curved and linear, to start getting our bearings in the world of bathroom furniture which as we know is extensive, with no shortage of surprises!

Contemporary style, even for small spaces

There are collections that feature both models to choose from, in order to have boundaries within which to operate. Project Aquo gives us the possibility to see multiple application possibilities and to furnish a small bathroom with everything we need in just 120 cm. Its style is contemporary, it is available in configurations featuring minimal linear or curved wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, with a single or double washbasin, either built-in or sit-on on the top. The handles are a distinguishing element of design, but also of functionality, and they accompany the different opening systems impeccably.

The beauty of geometry

If on the other hand you are having qualms, preferring squared silhouettes while also appreciating more original solutions, the Ido bathroom compositions allow you not to forgo one choice to the detriment of another, but to use both. We can have fun playing with geometry, teaming linear and curved shapes thanks to the modularity of the cabinets, to create customised and utterly practical configurations.

Geometry is a classic

Even a classic style in the room for relaxation can be manifested through different lines, and curves, of expression! All the delicacy and romanticism of classic style are expressed in the Magnifica collection, in a bathroom cabinet of the utmost class, with double oval washbasins, soft silhouettes and curved handles. Just as packed with charm is the offering with a more minimalist yet equally sophisticated design, with an extremely accentuated linearity. In both cases the result will be an utterly sophisticated total look.

Curved or linear? Discover the most suitable bathroom furniture solutions for your tastes and requirements.


Curved or linear bathroom cabinet?