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Four Configurations for an Island

Four Configurations for an Island

The many faces of a kitchen island

Among the attributes that make an island one of the most chosen and beloved elements in a kitchen is its flexibility.

Whatever the occasion, the island can be the key element for social evenings in the company of friends. Storage, seating guests, the focus point of your 'work triangle'...

Idea 1. Basic island

The basic island consists of a work surface with spaces for storing pots and pans.
It's accessible from all four sides and can easily be used by more than one cook.
The counter top is not for storing appliances or accessories and this allows you to use it as an additional work surface or a table if you simply add some stools.

Idea 2. Work station

If the island is the cook's domain you won't be able to do without appliances, according to how you use the island:

- In a central position: in the photo, left, the island constitutes the most important work station in the kitchen.
It is complete with all the necessary accessories for cooking and washing.

- With partial functions: the island to the right supports only washing activities; cooking and storage are positioned in other modules.
This way available space is well distributed and allows the greatest freedom of movement, above all if in the house there are two cooks.
- With double functions: the ideal configuration for large families, this allows you to double all the functions.

Two ovens, two cooking ranges and two sinks for maximum efficiency, above all if you are used to cooking at the same time.

Idea 3. The island as bar

Parties, get-togethers for watching events on television, cocktails: whatever the occasion, the island can be the key element for social evenings in the company of friends.
In this case the surface will be a place for a buffet.
Another interesting idea is to equip the island with a container for bottles, a small refrigerator to make drinks easily accessible to the guests.

Four Configurations for an Island