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Wall systems. Dividing up rooms without using walls.

Wall systems. Dividing up rooms without using walls.

Style and space cohabit in harmony with wall systems

If you’re a fan of creative interiors, are you ready to find out how to give an original twist to dividing the rooms in your home? We’ve collected a few ideas for you to make your kitchen, your bathroom and your living room even more functional and welcoming. There’s no need for boring or heavy walls: create unique settings by making the most of our Fluida, Status or Metro wall systems!

Kitchen and living room together: a genius way to separate without closing off

It is a well-known fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the living room is its soul. So why not bring these two spaces together in an open-plan setting? Joining the kitchen with the living room can be the ideal choice for a welcoming and dynamic setting: this is where the Fluida wall system comes in handy, acting like a point of division between the two areas without interrupting visual continuity. In addition to making the space appear bigger and airy, this solution in fact allows you to cook and socialise at the same time, without ever feeling separated from your guests.

Did you know that every system has different designs? The alternating base units, wall units, glass doors and open shelving and shelves allows you to play around with the furniture, dividing the kitchen and living room in a creative and trendy way. Books, house plants and ornaments are certainly welcome.

Bathroom and bedroom: a delightful duo

Do you have an en-suite bathroom? To avoid sacrificing privacy, you could opt for a wall system, perhaps consisting of matt white lacquered shelves, to create the ambiance of an exclusive spa.


Placed strategically, this structure can also be used to organise your toiletries and bathroom essentials, from creams and lotions to clean towels, thereby avoiding overloading the washbasin cabinet or other storage cabinets.

Camouflaged laundry: double-function furniture

Wall systems are also the answer to create a division between the area of the bathroom dedicated to personal well-being and the laundry. For an (almost) total camouflage, you could decide to customise the system with as many shelves as there are appliances to cover, making the most of the space obtained to store towels, tidy away your detergents and group together your clothes pegs in wicker baskets.


Have we convinced you to give up that curtain or separator panel?

Wall systems. Dividing up rooms without using walls.