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Wall Systems: living room furniture that decorates!

Wall Systems: living room furniture that decorates!

Create endless varieties of configurations with Wall Systems to furnish a modern living room and open-plan settings with modular furniture.

A natural extension of the furniture used in the kitchen composition, or independent solutions with a variety of functions, including the separation of settings when necessary. These are the different roles which a Wall System can play.
Allow yourselves to be surprised by some of the possible composition proposals we can put together!

Wall Systems for the living room

Perhaps it is the most traditional way, the one we recognise because it lends the living room a well defined identity. A distinct setting where you can put together compositions with living room furniture that add character to the room. With the Fluida Wall System, you can give rise to an extensive range of offerings to suit various aesthetic and functional requirements. 
The solutions can be arranged horizontally or vertically, comprising several open-fronted modules or with doors, to bring to life bookcases, closed elements for practical storage, resting surfaces for your TV and wall panels fitted with wiring holes and back-lighting. 

A practical desk can also be included in the system, secured to the wall, taking up very little space! With modular living room furniture, you can put together compositions in the most varied materials and finishes. And create the ideal place to read, lounge on the sofa, relax and not just that, even work too! 

Living room and kitchen systems

To create separate yet communicating settings, the Wall Systems themselves become elements of separation and connection. This is the case of the full-height Fluida Wall System, whose role is both to separate and to join the two living room and kitchen areas. 

When the kitchen and living room share the same space or when they are in two adjoining rooms, choosing to combine them is extremely easy with Wall Systems!
To create the perfect total look, despite the separation, you will simply need to create a Fluida Wall System with the same materials and in the same shades of colour available for the kitchen furniture. 

When the boundaries are broken down, usually in open-plan settings, not only is it possible to insert a Wall System that matches the kitchen, but it can also become an indispensable sharing feature between the two areas. And it can blend in seamlessly, creating a high-impact aesthetic and practical merger. 

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Wall Systems: living room furniture that decorates!