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Visible dishrack
Steel hood
Handle integrated into the door

MIA by Carlo Cracco

Mia by Carlo Cracco. An outstanding domestic interpretation of the professional kitchen.
A few relevant features
accessories CONTEMPORARY customisable DESIGN flat door glass handle international professional sociable STEEL technological
From a two-year collaboration between Scavolini and a renowned Michelin-starred chef comes MIA, a unique project which brings the features of a “great kitchen” to your home.
The keyword is professionalism.

Many “ingredients” come together to create this “tasty”, comfortable, custom-sized kitchen space in which to up your cooking game: an exclusive handle design, new finishes to choose from (Pinstripe Oak decorative melamine, Dark Steel, Stopsol glass and Clay Biomalta), and a stunning Line System affording functional and sophisticated customisations.
But, above all, new element modularity, to amplify the capacity of base units and wall units. Even the appliances supplied (including a vacuum drawer with new marinating function and a food-warming lamp) enhance the desire and love of cooking hidden in each one of us: technology that brings a touch of “refinement” even to everyday meals..

Design by Carlo Cracco
A hanging storage structure (with visible dish-rack) and professional extraction create new volumes. Compositional rigour, to respect your food preparation systems, washing, chopping and cooking, just like in a large, professional kitchen.
Mia by Carlo Cracco: the perfect setting for those who love to cook
The exclusive side handle detail - easy to grip like in a professional kitchen - proposed in a high-end brass finish, illuminates this compact wall-mounted Prestige white matt lacquered composition.
Mia by Carlo Cracco
Mia by Carlo Cracco
The colours and materials come together to create a special experience here: it’s a pleasure to get to work on a Dark Steel top (12 mm thick), with a built-in washing area and matching wall panel. The Jaipur Red Fenix NTM® used for the base units provides a touch of high class for this clean-cut, functional and impeccable composition.
Mia by Carlo Cracco: the luxurious elegance of a central island.
Mia by Carlo Cracco: for those who demand exclusiveness and clean-cut shapes.
Moon Blue matt lacquered base units and light grey matt lacquered wall units and cabinets, for an extremely welcoming combined effect.
MIA by Carlo Cracco
 Food-warming lamp
 Line System accessory-holder bar
 Base unit with pull-out knife rack, chopping board and waste bin
 Oven/blast chiller with customised front
 Glass-fronted unit with aluminium frame and clear Stopsol glass

Add colour to everyday life with Mia by Carlo Cracco

Moon Blue and Light Grey matt lacquered doors
Jaipur Red Fenix NTM® and Coal Oak veneered doors
Dark Steel and Delhi Oleomalta doors
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MIA by Carlo Cracco