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3 chairs for your kitchen

3 chairs for your kitchen

Modern kitchen chair models to make your kitchen functional, welcoming and stylish

Imagine the smell of fresh coffee in the morning as you sit beside your other half or the laughter of friends and family gathered around a festive table: when it comes to furnishing the kitchen with chairs, it’s not simply about positioning items of furniture. Choosing modern and comfortable kitchen chairs in fact means making the room more functional and comfortable, preparing it to greet friends and relatives and share memorable moments with them. Let’s look at 3 fantastic chair models for your kitchen!

The Cloe kitchen chair

Distinguished by a high backrest providing additional back support, the sophisticated Cloe chair is available with its frame either in painted metal or covered in stain-resistant fabric, so you can rest easy in the event of accidental spills.

Did you know you could stack up to 4 of these chairs? This way, you’ll always be ready to set up a place at the table for any last-minute diners.

The Dafne model

With its ergonomic backrest, which perfectly adapts to your body, the Dafne chair is an invitation to be seated and enjoy other people’s company. The frame, in painted metal or fabric in this case too, is as hard-wearing as the legs, which are available in various colours to match the kitchen table perfectly. In short, the Dafne model is the perfect choice for long dinners spent at home with friends and family.

Modern kitchen chairs: Klesia

In the kitchen, where practicality prevails, there should be no shortage of folding chairs: we suggest Klesia, a colourful chair made of polypropylene, a versatile and sturdy material which goes perfectly well with minimal and modern kitchens. But there’s more, because this seat is also space-saving: in fact, it is only 5 cm thick when folded.

Thinking about where to store it? Here’s a solution: there is a trolley available for this chair which can house up to 6 chairs, or a wall hook that can hold 4 of them.

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3 chairs for your kitchen