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60 years of history together

60 years of history together

The kitchen first and the modern-day total look home: a story of faith and passion which illustrates how, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the walk-in wardrobe and the living room, we have become a home, together!

When Valter and Elvino Scavolini, two enterprising brothers from Pesaro, founded what at the time was a small kitchen company with artisanal flair, they probably had no idea that 60 years later, it would have become one of the most popular industrial concerns in Italy. A long story, built with passion for quality and innovative design, with the faith of our customers and the commitment of our precious collaborators. This milestone is an opportunity to tell our story and yours, of what we have built and of how we got here.

“We are happy to share such a significant milestone in our life”, to “look to the past, but above all to the future, with positivity and enthusiasm”.
Fabiana Scavolini, Chief Executive Officer of Scavolini

Cooking, chatting, sharing


Italian design is synonymous with sophistication, with furniture that is designed and built specifically for everyday users. Scavolini was established in 1961, to take quality kitchens made with the meticulous care of those who love to create and see the satisfied smiles of their customers into the homes of Italians. After all, the kitchen is always the beating heart of every home, the place where we gather at the most enjoyable times of the day, around a table for a meal prepared with loving care.

In 2021, this is no longer merely a room for meals and chats (whether virtual or not); it has in fact become a place for creativity, for the “pressure tests” of everyday life and for welcoming and hosting. The kitchen is where you can treat yourself to a quick snack, where you can organise a meal with whatever is at hand and where you all meet up at the end of the day.

Over these last 60 years, we have grown and become more aware of the importance of evolving, by listening to you and your own personal experiences. And so the kitchen has become a part of a diversified project, which includes the home in its broadest sense.

The bathroom is for everyone


When project “Scavolini Bathooms” was launched in 2012, this was the room for personal grooming, beauty and pampering, and spending hours in front of the mirror. That’s why it became indispensable to accommodate these requests from those who wanted a purpose-designed space in their home.
The solutions here need to be designed with precision to the nearest centimetre, and the varying space available for every need.

In 2021, the bathroom is also where you put on your make-up, style your hair and spend time on your smartphone. This is a clear sign of how this room can change with changing habits and how it is now perceived as an extension of an individual. A private space to dedicate time to personal care. This means that bathroom furniture continues to encompass a mixture of various requirements. One example is Gym Space, which combines passion for exercising and physical activity with relaxation in a harmonious setting.

A space to enjoy


As the years have gone by, our range of furnishing solutions has also embraced the living room, which used to be referred to simply as the “sitting room” or “lounge”. The Living Room is much more to the point in explaining that this is the area of the home in which we enjoy spending time, doing what we love most: reading a book or newspaper; watching films, TV series or programmes; working, studying, playing video games or doing some indoor training. All these activities have become part of the “living space”.

Expanding our offering to the living room means devising integrated and independent living room solutions, which accommodate various types of customers. As part of a vision that is increasingly trained on achieving an engaging and inclusive “total look home”.

Organising with your own style


The “Walk-in Wardrobe” project expands Scavolini’s offering towards the area where your garments and accessories are kept, to make your style unique.

The Walk-in Wardrobe solutions are the result of your requests, of your desires. The Scavolini Walk-in Wardrobe is designed to make your dreams come true, even when the space available is limited.

Dedicated lighting systems, together with purpose-designed compositions and skilful combinations are the indispensable elements of this type of furniture that reflects your individuality.

Over these 60 years, we have seen so many people and would like to thank them all, one by one, because it is thanks to them that, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the walk-in wardrobe and the living room, we have become a home, together!

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60 years of history together