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A beautiful, practical bathroom for total relaxation

A beautiful, practical bathroom for total relaxation

A beautiful, practical bathroom for total relaxation

There are so many bathroom furniture solutions to choose from, and we all want to enjoy them in the most comfortable way possible. The furniture needs to be practical and easy to use, just like the sanitary ware and the accessories: this will make our everyday life lighter and more practical. What about the aesthetics? They’re just as important. Let’s see how we can configure our bathroom while combining all these factors together.

Your dream bathroom

If the saying “Well begun is half done” is true, then let’s start from the beginning, right from the initial, to tell the story of a setting which has everything (and more) to welcome and surprise you.
Juno is the name of this bathroom furnishing project and, as we just pointed out, let’s start with the letter “J” to explore all the wonders it provides. Indeed, the distinguishing feature - like the letter Z in Zorro - of this collection is the door with J-shaped handle grip.

The advantages compared to a traditional handle? It guarantees ergonomics and makes opening the cabinets extremely simple. If you think for just one minute about the number of times throughout the day we use brushes, toiletries and all our beauty and cleansing essentials, you can fully grasp how revolutionary this feature is!

The personality of Juno also stands out for the maximum customisation offered, thanks to ample combination possibilities with many different models of washbasins, sanitary ware, taps, shower trays and shower enclosures, bathtubs and accessories with mirrors featuring perfect lighting systems. Always with the utmost simplicity in mind, to make life easy!

Stylish signs

Harmony is achieved with the sophisticated silhouettes of the Tratto bathroom furnishings. The distinguishing trait of this collection, which veers towards minimal elegance, is provided in surprising solutions.

The built-in handle grip with 40° slanting does not only constitute a truly useful innovation, but it is available in silver, white, bronze and brass finishes and in the lacquered colour palette, depending on the touch of design you wish to achieve.


Highly practical is the Give towel rail which can be inserted in the free-standing or wall-mounted version: in both cases, it is a must-have accessory in the place for cleaning and relaxation par excellence!


Relaxation never goes out of fashion

Who says a “trendy” bathroom can’t also be welcoming? The exclusive design of the Diesel Open Workshop bathroom is teamed with solutions that are ready to pamper us at any time. Dominated by well-balanced aesthetics that are fully functional for everyday domestic life, expressed through furniture and details which adorn the room, turning it into a unique place.
A setting where the most significant elements, such as the vanity units and the  bathroom cabinets, along with the smallest details, including the original mirror units, offer everything you need to keep things neat and tidy with highly clean-cut lines and far from humdrum shapes.  


Making the difference are also the Sink washbasins in the rectangular and round shape, which look like monoliths sculpted in precious marble and forming a single whole with the vanity tops; alternatively, they can be made in MineralMarmo®, which is extremely hard-wearing and practical to clean.


The tops are also available in a wide variety of materials affording superior performance levels, such as Lapitec® and Corian® which guarantee the surfaces are antibacterial and provide a mechanical strength comparable to that of traditional ceramic tops. For a high-tech bathroom and impeccable results.

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A beautiful, practical bathroom for total relaxation